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    We ship all types of vehicles for our customers. Our convenient door-to-door shipping service is available to everyone in the United States and Canada and extends anywhere in the world. Our auto transport reviews prove our dedicated commitment to service and safety. Don’t get caught in car shipping scams. Hire the best car transport network in the nation!

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    Welcome to United Car Shipping, we offer several options to ship your vehicle. We ship classic, antique, exotic and luxury Cars. We have enclosed and open carriers. First time shipping, or just want to understand the process better? Learn more about auto shipping.

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    If this is your first time shipping a vehicle and if you would like to understand the process better, you can check out our newcomer’s section. Welcome to United Car Shipping, we offer many options to ship your vehicle. We ship personal vehicles, car dealerships, military personnel and corporate relocation. We have open and enclosed carriers.

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    If you’re looking for a safe & affordable way to ship a motorcycle within the US or Canada, your search is over! Shipping your bike to one of the upcoming Motorcycle Rallies? We have years of experience specializing in shipping motorcycles within the US and Canada. We have a continually expanding global reach. You won’t find this kind of experience or network with any other company.

    We Service Private Individuals, Auto Dealers, Auctions, Manufactures, Sport Athletes, Movie Stars, Corporations & Service Members

    We Have been serving customers like you for over 25 years. All our reps. have been with us a long time and have the experience and the reputation to give you the quality service you deserve. 

    We Ship Cars, SUV's, Trucks & Motorcycles

    Our professional transporters can haul your car, truck, SUV, ATV, RV, boat or motorcycle anywhere in the world. They have the ability to map out intricate moves within the complex world of transport to get your vehicle, RV or boat from any point of pickup to delivery anywhere on this planet.

    Door To Door Car Shipping Services

    Our network of auto transport carriers offers door-to-door pickup. Skip the extra car storage fees by selecting a carrier that will come to you. As long as it’s legal and possible to move our big trucks down your street, we’ll pick up and deliver at your home or business.

    We Are Licensed, Bonded & Fully Insured

    All verified carriers must meet insurance standards to qualify to be part of our auto transport network. By law, they must provide coverage for the full value of all vehicles on their carrier.

    How To Ship A Car To Hawaii

    Very few shipping companies can pick up your vehicle from your mainland home and deliver it to your doorstep in Hawaii (they are usually the only ones who can transport your vehicle from the port to your home), you need to find a local Hawaiian. the company that can handle the last leg of the shipment (they are usually the only ones who can transport your vehicle from the port to your home). Your car should also be in good working order if you have household items and are shipping a small car.

    After delivering your vehicle to the port, make sure it is clean and not leaking, otherwise the courier may refuse to ship it. The port will conduct a thorough inspection of your vehicle or truck prior to shipment and remove all personal items before loading it. A company representative will come to pick up the vehicle safely and legally at the port and take it to the port. Usually a transport company will deliver the car to your home.

    When you ship a vehicle to Hawaii, you are working with a car broker and courier, as well as a foreign shipping company that physically transports your vehicle across the ocean. Your broker will provide you with company information, but will otherwise handle the shipping details for you. The shipping company needs some basic information before they can arrange a car to be delivered to Hawaii. American Auto Shipping will take care of all the details and safely deliver your car to the island paradise.

    There are many truck stations in the United States where a vehicle can be picked up and sent to Hawaii when your vehicle arrives on the mainland, and you can pick it up and take it home by an auto transportation company.

    Many people choose to use this car delivery service because the customer or designee can relax at home until the truck arrives. In fact, most people in Hawaii just drive to the docks and pick up their car. This applies to cars that are picked up and dropped off in the mainland United States because almost everyone goes to the docks in Hawaii.

    The choice of ports of departure and arrival for road transport to Hawaii is very specific with little process differences between international road transport and transport to and from the mainland : For example an automobile ship from California to Hawaii or an expedition vehicle from Hawaii to California are considered port-to-port services.

    If you can use port-to-port delivery it will cost less than shipping your vehicle to port and then to Hawaii If you need ground transportation to the port, the price will be higher than if you could take the car to the nearest port. Car delivery costs to Hawaii vary based on vehicle size, departure port and delivery to Honolulu, Hilo or other Hawaiian port.

    The cost of shipping your car from California to Hawaii will depend on many factors from the make and model of your car or truck to the port of departure and entry. The best way to find out how much it costs to ship a car to Hawaii (or how much it costs to ship a car from Hawaii to the mainland) is to use our online car shipping cost calculator or simply contact us for a free car transport quote.

    According to Allied Auto Transport, it can cost between $ 1,500 and $ 2,100 to ship a car to Hawaii, from California to Hawaii in general. The shipping cost to Hawaii may exceed the cost of your vehicle based on several factors, including the distance between pick-up and drop-off points; make, model and year of the car; the type of car

    The only way to find the best Hawaii trucking service for your situation is to compare individual quotes from multiple shipping companies. Our team of audit experts gathers data from dozens of trucking companies to rank the best carriers. We’ll explain the process, the average cost, average delivery time, and even recommend some of the best car delivery companies in Hawaii. Not all trucking companies offer car delivery to Hawaii but some of our most recommended suppliers do, including Allied Auto Transport and United.

    It is not necessary for this leg of the journey to employ a transport company that takes you home to your doorstep but it may be easier to find a company that takes you home to your door.

    How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car?

    When looking for the cheapest car delivery option, you will likely find that the rates for car delivery of different shippers are likely to vary. The most important factor in how much it will cost to deliver your vehicle depends on the type of service you are intending to hire, however, factors such as the mode of transport chosen, the time of year, the distance to be traveled and the size of the vehicle can affect the overall cost of shipping a vehicle.

    The average cost of transporting an SUV or truck from one coast to another is between $1,700 and $2,000, and it may be cheaper to ship to areas in the United States (such as Alaska or Hawaii), but it is still much more expensive than trucking. Most people choose home delivery because air travel is too expensive.

    Train Sending a car around the country by train usually costs less than $ 1,000, but prices vary depending on route and transportation method. Depending on the route, there are several. $ 5,000 and $ 40,000 for this trip. Car shipping costs can vary but end up at $ 1,550 and $ 1950 if you choose an open or closed carrier, respectively.

    The distance from Scottsdale, Arizona to Buffalo, New York is about 2,186 miles. Delivery of the vehicle also takes about 7-10 days but generally, if you want to move the vehicle to the closest location, you will have to pay a little less than what you would for a long distance delivery service, especially if you are traveling in a luxury or classic vehicle.

    This usually requires special attention and maintenance, which adds to the cost of transportation – urgent work always comes with additional costs – and with the delivery of the car, this can mean paying $ 200-500 more than the base rate – the average shipping costs of a small van, pickup truck or SUV is between $ 800 and $ 1,070.

    For example, direct shipping to the UK will cost up to $ 1,300. The average cost to move your car to a new home can be over USD 1,000 and possibly higher than the estimated cost of delivery by courier. So the larger your car, the more costly it will be to move it around the country. For example, if you have an F-350 that weighs £ 7,000, you can expect to pay twice what it would cost to deliver a £ 3,500 car.

    In transporting heavy vehicles such as large trucks and other equipment, the cost and delivery method of shipping a car or even an SUV can be substantially different due to the increased weight of the vehicle. Depending on the shipping companies and the size of the carrier, the shipping cost and the estimated time of delivery of the vehicle can vary.

    Long-distance vehicle delivery cost an average of $ 0.60 per mile when traveling over 1,000 miles. Factors that impact this price include the vehicle size, distance, season and mode of transportation.

    The number of vehicles. Of course, shipping multiple vehicles will cost more even if you can get a discount on the total cost. Fuel costs are the largest variable cost associated with road transport and will affect how much you pay to deliver your vehicle. If the vehicle is unusable, the cost of shipping the vehicle will increase if the transport company needs special equipment or a tow truck to put the vehicle on and off the vehicle. The condition of your vehicle will also play an important role as shipping it will cost you dearly.

    As you already know, the size and weight of the vehicle are very important factors in the cost of transporting the vehicle but there are other factors to consider: size and weight of the vehicle play an important role in estimating the cost of delivery since the trailers have the maximum carrying capacity. Vehicle type. Larger vehicles can cost more depending on the delivery method you choose: the extra space they take up can change the space requirements.

    Vehicles in this category are slightly larger and heavier than cars, so they are more expensive to ship, because car transport is the cheapest type of transport vehicle because it takes less space on the trailer and weighs less than other types of vehicles. A full-size trailer can hold 8 to 10 vehicles on long journeys.

    Although there are two main options for road transportation (air carrier and closed carrier), most vehicle transport is done by open carriers. Choosing one carrier instead of carrying multiple vehicles also reduces delivery times as the driver does not need to make additional stops to collect other vehicles. Some trucking companies try to minimize uncertainty by providing expedited shipping services with shorter pick up windows and guaranteed arrival dates.

    The same time, if there are very few cars to send, it will not attract many couriers to travel along this route. Some trucking companies refuse to pay the lowest possible price to the carrier and as a result they end up with inferior quality trucks and drivers willing to travel to the pick-up location. In other words, some brokers provide you with a fairly low price for the car shipment to actually pick up the car within the time demanded by the insured and a well qualified and highly regarded carrier.

    I Want To Ship My Car

    Although all these transport companies serve the same purpose, the quality of their service can vary greatly and you need to avoid 5 common mistakes when transporting your vehicle in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. Vehicle shipping costs tend to vary between different transport companies and the price increases as additional options.

    For example, if you are shipping a classic car or a relatively larger car, it may cost you more. So, if you live in Phoenix and want to drive 1,000 miles to Dallas, the average cost is $ 750, and if your car travels around the country, the cost will be in the order of $ 1,500. If you are choosing between driving or picking up your vehicle, be sure to calculate the true cost of your trip around the country, including all costs.

    These are most likely the prices for external freight transport, so the numbers might change significantly with other means. Classic cars, collectible cars and exotic cars all require additional expenses that can cost up to $ 3,000 over more “mediate” counterparts for extra insurance and more gentle handling of delivery. You will need to consider the cost of renting a truck or trailer for your car if you don’t have one.

    The cost of shipping a vehicle on a car trailer can be high when you need to send the car via truck or courier, but since low-cost road transport services are usually provided by open couriers, the vast majority of non-working vehicles are delivered in open trucks. Closed transport is mainly used by people who bring rare classic cars or expensive sports cars.

    Open vehicle delivery is an industry standard that involves placing the vehicle on an open truck (tall semi-trailers carrying a stack of bunk cars) Closed vehicle delivery means that your vehicle is in a fully enclosed truck. Closed trucks hold fewer cars and can cost a lot more than open trucks.

    If you are moving to another country and want to take your family car to your new home, you should probably just save a little money and opt for open transport – closed transportation if you have an expensive luxury car or a refurbished classic car – or always ship with an open courier – it costs about $ 0.25-0.50 per mile to ship your vehicle by closed courier – which adds up quickly if you are shipping your vehicle around the country.

    In most cases, cars delivered in open trucks arrive in excellent condition and you can potentially save money. There are many factors that affect the total cost of shipping a vehicle to another state, although the average cost for a four-door sedan is roughly $ 600-1000 and $ 800-1070 for a four-door sedan (based on transfers from NYC to California ) Distance and location aside, vehicle delivery time is probably the number one factor in determining how much it will cost.

    If you require a guaranteed pick-up date the cost will be higher than selecting a delivery period. Choose from terminal to terminal car delivery services – almost all road transportation companies will pick up your vehicle and deliver it to its final destination. The road transport service works in such a way to pick up your car and load it into a truck that takes it to the desired destination.

    This would require a cart or car trailer rental and access to a truck capable of towing a vehicle such as a moving truck or heavy pickup truck. Find out what else will affect shipping costs, such as choosing an open or closed courier. Check with the insurance policy holder if your plan covers long distance transportation, or consider purchasing additional insurance to protect your vehicle in case something happens on the road.

    Even if you don’t want to overpay, it’s important to remember that low-quality car shipping companies may not take proper care of your vehicle and may allow untrained people to transport your vehicle. They generally come back to you for additional money or may remain in your order for several weeks before a courier is found who will ship your car at that price. Some trucking companies that specialize in the delivery of cars only work with high-end vehicles.

    Most trucking companies will require that you present certain documents before moving your vehicle to deliver your vehicle if they deliver the vehicle across state lines. If you are moving more than fifty pounds of luggage to your car, you should call the trucking company to make sure everything is in order. Remember to empty your car – while it might seem like a smart idea to load all your belongings into the car to avoid having to move them yourself, trucking companies are prohibited from shipping vehicles that contain household items.

    I Want To Ship My Car To Another State

    United provides the most convenient, safe and economical way to transport your car to or from one state to another by sending vehicles across state lines.

    The earliest available pick-up date for interstate transport is usually 2-7 business days after the order is placed and out-of-state express transportation is generally available within 24-72 hours. As mentioned earlier, if you are traveling in the summer, you will spend more money on transporting your car to another state than in the winter as there is more demand for auto repairs during this time.

    The shipping costs of vehicle transportation tend to vary between different transport carriers and the price will increase as additional options such as specific delivery dates or a closed or open carrier are added to the package. For example, if you are shipping a classic car or a relatively larger car it may cost you more. Keep in mind that the above rates are average and the price of the car delivery that you pay will most likely vary depending on the conditions of the car transport.

    The easiest way to find out the approximate cost if you want to move your car to another state is using the car delivery calculator. The calculator can help you determine the shipping costs of your vehicle depending on your budget, schedule and route. If you are taking a car with you and are wondering how to save some money, you should choose the cheapest car delivery method.

    If you haven’t even thought about moving your car or are about to move, read on to find out what you should know when you arrive in your new state, what to know about registering and insuring your car and what documents to obtain along the way. There are many very good reasons why moving a car from one state to another is better than getting in and driving.

    The first thing on your list if you are looking to relocate your car to another state is to find a reliable shipping company. You want to make sure that the company you plan to ship with is a reputable seller and knows how to move your car to another state.

    As you know, the cost of shipping a car to another state will depend on a number of factors (see above for more information), so it is impossible to know exactly how much it will cost you to move a car to another state unless you contact a reputable shipping company and provide more detailed information about your car (make, model, year of manufacture, current condition) and provide additional information about the transfer route (point of departure and destination).

    Knowing how much it will usually cost to deliver your vehicle around the country can help you make more informed and safer buying decisions. If you know in advance how much it will cost to deliver your vehicle, you can prepare your mobile budget correctly.

    Once you have chosen a shipping company and a method to transport your vehicle from one state to another, you will need to prepare your vehicle. When looking for rates for shipping your vehicle from one state to another, ask the company to provide an approximate delivery time for your vehicle before booking. This way you will learn about Easy Auto Ship’s nominal rates for transporting your vehicle from one state to another.

    Shipping rates vary based on vehicle size, closed or express shipping and seasonal demand. In fact, shipping a vehicle on a car trailer can be high if you require a closed courier or door-to-door delivery. If you run a taxi company or other business that wants to ship a fleet of cars, you can get a discount from your car wholesale company.

    Expect to spend more if you are transporting a luxury or classic vehicle, as this will require more consideration from the delivery service. According to A-1 Auto Transport, it costs around $ 0.25-0.50 per mile to ship your vehicle by a closed courier, which adds up quickly if you ship your vehicle around the country.

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