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    The development and limited production of Asparks luxurious, battery-powered sports cars is an important project for the Torino-based company, Kuehne+Nagel Manifattura Automobili. Aspark wanted to produce the battery-powered Asparks Luxury Sports Car in time to display it at the famous Supercar Rooms exhibition in Miami, Florida. Production had only just begun in Italy, and because Asparks battery-powered luxury sports car is a hand-built vehicle, it was not being produced on a large scale, so it was impossible to know when it would be ready to ship. Aspark first began researching the fully electric hypercar project back in 2014.

    Like many, you might have never heard of Japanese-based Aspark Engineering Company before it developed Project OWL, which is an effort to build a fully-electric hypercar. They based their development and manufacturing center for the Aspark Owl at the center of hypercar manufacturing, in Turin, Italy, where they could work closely with their partners on getting this juggernaut into customers hands. No, according to Aspark, a Japanese car-engineering firm, the OWL is 44kW. Even at its $3.2-million list price, you might expect demand – and competition – to be strong for the Aspark OWL.

    As is typically the case with a lot of high-priced collector cars, though, it is not likely that Owl sports cars will be sold out before they start being produced. The models, available at EUR3m apiece, are likely not to be sold yet. The luxury brands new fully electric car is estimated to be worth US$2.1 million, with only 130 units being made. While hybrids (electric/fuel) are available, we are focusing on just the electric models.

    Electric vehicles (EVs) are entering the current lineup as a way of starting the drive towards a more environmentally friendly planet. EVs are currently in all of the fashion, with popularity only growing over time. More and more affordable electric vehicles will come out in due course, and the world will slowly switch from using combustion engines to cleaner, all-electric vehicles. The list is long, and electric vehicles (EVs) offer similar potential.

    We are talking cars like Aspark Owl EV and its spectacular EV-like performance, which is painfully reminding us that the age of the ICE has come and gone. While there might not be enough sales infrastructure around its fully electric supercar, the car itself still sounds like a dream. Aspark unveiled the completed Aspark Owl version Tuesday, a vehicle that seems only to get crazier in its prototype-to-production stage of development.

    While hypercars like the Aspark Owl are beyond the realms of possibility for many of us, they are a stunning feat of engineering from any car manufacturer, particularly in the world of electric vehicles. Aspark claims that their electric vehicle will reach 60mph in 1.69 seconds, making it one of the fastest cars in the world. With four engines pumping out this much power, the Aspark Owl would justifiably occupy the highest seat of the supercars.

    Thanks to this motor configuration, its fully-electric supercar can blast from 0 to 60 miles per hour in a mere 1.72 seconds, topping out at a whopping 249 miles per hour. The car can rocket from 0–60 mph in just 1.72 seconds and reach a top speed of 249 mph. Asparks Owls blazing acceleration times are made possible by its quad electric motors, which together deliver an astounding 1,985 horsepower and 1,475 pound-feet of torque, according to the press release.

    Asparks Owl blistering acceleration time comes courtesy of four electric motors that combine to produce a mind-boggling 1,985 hp and 1,475 lb-ft of torque a mind-boggling 1,985 hp and 1,475 lb-ft of torque, according to a press release. The top speed is 249mph, which of course would take it 1.7 seconds to reach 60mph, though it does do so via the American-style, single-foot-rolling-start, with rubbery Treys. For your money you get a car that has a healthy 2,012bhp and 1,475lb ft from its four electric motors (two front and two rear ), has a 249mph top speed and will apparently get to 60mph in 1.72secs, albeit with a US-style one-foot rolling start and tres sticky tyres. For a reported 1,475lb ft peak of torque, almost 2000hp, and 249mph top speed, the range is still quite generous, rated at 249 miles. Total range is 93 miles, which might not seem like much, but it would be more than enough to totally piss off every exotic-car owner in your neighborhood.

    With its all-wheel-drive system and a top-end power of 1895 hp, the Asparks Halo offering, Owl, is the immediate competition for the Rimac C_Two, the Pininfarina Battista, and the Lotus Evija, or really, any other multi-million-dollar EV that the industry might pull out of its ass shortly. Aspark said that Aspark expected to have its fully-electric supercar priced at $3.2 million when it debuted the production model in 2019, now starting at $3.56 million.

    Having worked with Kuehne+Nagel on several occasions in the past, Aspark is familiar with the Kuehne+Nagels unique competence when it comes to shipping completed vehicles. Aspark was determined to develop a car that would blend fastness with comfort in an elegant manner. To provide the most power possible in the streets, Aspark smartly chose to use a battery-supercapacitor combo.

    Transporting, handling, and storage of vehicles such as Asparks luxury sports cars powered by batteries requires close oversight and operational perfection. Transporting a full-blown, fully assembled, top-of-the-line car requires expert knowledge and security.



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