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    That’s why Newsweek partnered with global market research and consumer data company Statista Inc. to rank America’s best auto dealers for the first time, starting on the East Coast. For your convenience, and because of the large number of dealers (IBISWorld reports there are over 2,000 classic car dealers in the US), we’ve divided the list into American Classic Car Dealers, American Classic Car Dealers, European Times. and Project Classic car dealerships. Let’s take a look at the largest auto dealerships in the US, sorted by the average number of used cars they sell.

    Yes, used cars of all makes, models, brands, years of manufacture and sizes, numbering in the thousands, can be purchased from Longo Toyota in different lots. There are all types of cars, from inexpensive to exclusive, as all types of cars come from auctions and dealer partners, trade-ins and private sellers. Of course, most classic cars are used because of a certain segment, but you get all makes, all years, all models. Cherry Hill offers a wide range of vehicles of different makes, models, new and used.

    This used car dealer operates in seven different states and supplies used vehicles from brands such as Toyota, Jeep and Lexus. DriveTime Automotive has a large range of low cost used vehicles of all makes, new and latest models, vehicles of various makes and sizes, trucks, vans and SUVs. CarMax Inc typically resells vehicles between one and six years of age and adheres to strict quality and repair standards. Longo Toyota sells over 15,000 new cars a year and buyers know that if they want to buy a Camry, they can choose from several colors and options and choose one the same day.

    If you buy or rent a Mercedes-Benz from DriveTime Automotive, they also offer free car washes, airport parking, and shuttle services. Carvana is an online site and they also allow you to test the car for 7 days and return it easily if you are not satisfied. This is the only online car dealership, but they offer all the features an offline dealership can give you.

    CarMax offers innovation and an iconic customer experience at low prices, making buying and selling cars a stressful experience. Streetside Classics specializes in the delivery, purchase and sale of classic cars as well as collectible cars. They have wonderful, consistent photos of their classic cars that offer a 360 degree view of each car. The Streetside Classics listings also include a video of each car, including an engine start clip so you can hear each car’s unique purr.

    We will explain the pros and cons of each site so you can navigate the online car buying process with more confidence and find the best options. We scoured both existing and new sites to rank the best car buying sites, whether you’re looking to buy a car online, do some background research, or compare dealerships. We dive into what we believe to be the best websites for direct car buying, car searches, finding deals between partners and comparing dealers.

    Whether you buy used cars at auctions to repair them and then sell or use them, or you buy from one of the regular car dealerships in the United States, getting the best possible information about the best choice of car dealerships in the United States. The United States looks good on you. Before looking for a car, visit the website of the dealership you’re considering purchasing and check out the car selection, financing options, and anything else that might cause problems. If you’re tech-savvy and want to avoid dealer stress, you can go online to find a new car, buy one, and apply for an auto loan. Another thing to remember is that dealers are not required to tell you the best loan rate and can pay APR if they want to, so be sure to discuss car loan options with your bank.

    Most of the leading dealerships in Florida also offer scheduled maintenance appointments, which may be an affordable option in the future when you need a quick oil change. Cerritos Auto Square boasts the largest selection of new, used and certified vehicles, with approximately 10,000 vehicles in stock every day. Each of the 53 dealerships managed by Morgan Auto Group today is able to provide our customers with a large selection of new and used vehicles. Our dealer group has been serving central Missouri since 1969 and has grown to be the area’s largest automotive employer with nine locations representing 14 automotive brands covering new and used vehicle sales, financing, service and repair, and automotive parts.

    As one of the largest dealer groups in the United States, Berkshire Hathaway Automotive has an extensive dealer portfolio of 27 brands and vehicle categories ranging from domestic and imported to economy, luxury, commercial and fleets. As one of the top luxury used car dealers in New York City, Best Car N Care is committed to complete transparency with every customer. We have a certain philosophy when it comes to our clients; instead of directing them to the vehicles we want to sell, we work with the client to find the vehicle that is right for them. Best Car N Care already knows quite a bit about cars, as they have to go through a rigorous quality check before being put into a shipment.

    An analysis by Santander Consumer USA found nearly 100 online research and shopping resources available to nearly 40 million consumers who buy used cars in a typical year.



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