Soldier Car Transport

Soldier Car Transport specializes in the transport of cars and other vehicles in the United States and abroad. We are the only car haulage company to offer such a guarantee to ensure proper service. I highly recommend Soldier Car Transport to anyone looking for someone to transport their vehicles. However, if you are single, an […]

Avoid The Hazards Of Driving Your Car Across Country

If you cannot, wait until the intersection to turn right or enter a gas station. The feeling of a gust of wind that accompanies a passing 18-wheeled vehicle can give you a healthy respect for these traffic giants. It is easy to see that the movements of these vehicles can be unpredictable, so driving around […]

Need To Ship My Car

Shipping by air rather than interstate will cost a little more, but it’s an affordable option for those looking for fast shipping. If you need to ship your vehicle tomorrow and need the fastest transportation available, you can contact our professional United Car Shipping staff for a quote and get your vehicle delivered quickly. Send […]

How Much To Ship A Car To Alaska?

Enclosed Truck United Car Shipping

As you can see, you can send cars to Alaska with an open or closed truck. Many people choose to use door-to-door auto delivery in Alaska because it saves the customer time. Home delivery and pickup in Alaska is the most common and most efficient form of car transportation for a client. Many of our […]

Quote To Ship A Car

Many trucking companies, especially air transport companies, do not allow customers to leave their belongings in the car for safety reasons as well as for weight limitation reasons. Carriers are not licensed or insured to carry personal or household items, however we understand that some items may need to be placed in a vehicle. Carriers […]

Price To Ship A Car

However, you should understand that whether it is a 200 or 2000 mile move, the cost of picking up and delivering a vehicle is the same for a driver. Most people choose to deliver their cars because air travel is very expensive. The average cost of shipping a car overseas can range from $ 1,000 […]

Cost To Ship A Car

Number of vehicles – Of course, shipping more than one vehicle will cost more even if you can get a discount on the total cost. Car delivery rates include many variables, but on average, you can expect to pay between $ 500 and $ 1,500 to ship a car. Average Vehicle Shipping Costs While vehicle […]