Domestic Car Shipping For Military Families

To transport a vehicle to the United States from another country, Alaska or Hawaii (OCONUS to CONUS POV shipment), a valid U.S. address will be required to clear the vehicle through customs. When you need a car delivery, call the Auto Transport 1 number and get a $ 50 discount on any of our auto […]

How To Transport A Car Without Plates

The permit must be kept in the vehicle and must be readily available to law enforcement agencies at all times. An individual has acquired or otherwise obtained a vehicle in Indiana and will acquire title to or register the vehicle in another foreign state or county. The person is an Indiana resident who intends to […]

Snowbirds Florida Car Shipping

Professional road carriers provide car transportation services to Canada and the United States, in particular to Florida, and vice versa. We provide and help with the necessary documents in advance to ensure fast and efficient transportation of your vehicle. We provide you with personalized and accurate updates whenever you want, while moving your vehicle. Even […]

Exporting Your Vehicle To Canada – General Guidelines

While this type of vehicle import does not require Form 1 registration, circumstances may arise where the importer will be required to submit a completed form to the Canadian Provincial and Territorial Licensing Authorities in order to register the vehicle as a racing vehicle. At the border, importers must submit an approved, stamped and approved […]

Buying A Car Out Of State

Other financial problems can arise when buying new or used cars out of state, such as the effect of the local and provincial taxes you buy a car with on your bottom line. If you are buying a used vehicle from an out-of-state private seller, some additional paperwork may be required depending on the states […]

Does The Military Ship Your Car For Free?

The military can usually pay the postage for sending the vehicle overseas. The military can ship your vehicle for free if you are a) an active military member and b) have received a Permanent Station Change (PCS) order. The military will only ship your vehicle free of charge if you are an active military personnel […]

Soldier Car Transport

Soldier Car Transport specializes in the transport of cars and other vehicles in the United States and abroad. We are the only car haulage company to offer such a guarantee to ensure proper service. I highly recommend Soldier Car Transport to anyone looking for someone to transport their vehicles. However, if you are single, an […]

Corporate Relocation Auto Transport

In fact, automakers are using open carriers to transport new vehicles to parking lots. Transport companies such as Allied Van Lines, which transport vehicles, use open or closed couriers. Whether you need a single vehicle or an entire fleet of vehicles to be transported, we provide you with a variety of carrier options. If you […]

Do Car Shipping Companies Give Senior Discounts?

We believe that customers with more than one vehicle are doing us a favor by running their business and we would like to return this service by offering a discount to anyone carrying more than one vehicle. For customers who move more than one vehicle in one order, we have a discount that applies even […]

The Importance Of Car Shipping Services For Car Rental Companies

Most companies will provide you with the cost of car delivery for free, which will make it easier to compare the cost of different services. However, it is important to remember that cheaper is not always better. Expect to spend more if you are transporting a luxury or classic vehicle, as this will require more […]