Soldier Car Transport

Soldier Car Transport specializes in the transport of cars and other vehicles in the United States and abroad. We are the only car haulage company to offer such a guarantee to ensure proper service. I highly recommend Soldier Car Transport to anyone looking for someone to transport their vehicles. However, if you are single, an […]

Corporate Relocation Auto Transport

In fact, automakers are using open carriers to transport new vehicles to parking lots. Transport companies such as Allied Van Lines, which transport vehicles, use open or closed couriers. Whether you need a single vehicle or an entire fleet of vehicles to be transported, we provide you with a variety of carrier options. If you […]

Shipping A Motorcycle To Hawaii

Motorcycle Truck - United Car Shipping

The fastening of motorcycles is checked more than two times before being transported to the ship. Motorcycles bound for Hawaii head to San Diego and then loaded onto a ship for HI. We specialize in shipping all types of motorcycles, scooters and mopeds to and from Hawaii. On a cargo ship bound for Hawaii, the […]

Need To Ship My Car

Shipping by air rather than interstate will cost a little more, but it’s an affordable option for those looking for fast shipping. If you need to ship your vehicle tomorrow and need the fastest transportation available, you can contact our professional United Car Shipping staff for a quote and get your vehicle delivered quickly. Send […]

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car To Hawaii?

Shipping from the West Coast of the Continental United States usually takes 5 to 7 days, but delivery times may vary depending on your original location. This will depend on where the item comes from on the mainland and the type of shipping you are using. If you can use port-to-port delivery, it will cost […]

How To Ship My Car To Hawaii

United Car Shipping will take care of all the details and safely deliver your car to the island paradise. Opt for trucking in Hawaii and you can send your car from different ports on the mainland. Delivery routes go both ways if you plan to move your car from Hawaii to the mainland United States. […]

Best Car Shipping Company To Hawaii

When you ship a vehicle to Hawaii, you work with a trucking broker and courier, as well as an overseas shipping company that physically transports your vehicle across the ocean. Your broker will provide you with the company information, but otherwise handle the shipping details for you. If you are looking for a door-to-door service, […]

Ship From Hawaii To Mainland

United offers frequent scheduled ships between the US mainland and Hawaii, Guam, Alaska, Micronesia and the South Pacific. Door-to-Door – United delivers and collects container to both sides of the move, except for Hawaii or Alaska to the mainland and from the mainland to Hawaii or moving to Alaska. To move your vehicle you can […]

How Much To Ship A Car From Hawaii

By entering your vehicle delivery information into our car transport calculator on the right, it will allow multiple transport companies to compete for your business so you can get the best price. Now that you know the ins and outs of car delivery to or from Hawaii, there is no need to leave your precious […]

How To Get Your Car To Hawaii

It is useful to know how shipping a car to Hawaii differs from shipping a car to the continental United States. The cost of transporting a car to Hawaii depends on several factors, including the distance between pick-up and drop-off points; make, model and year of the car; the type of road transportation you need; […]