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Joey Webster
Joey Webster
October 27, 2017
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One of the few "good companies" in this industry and one of the only car shipping companies I'll hand my keys over to. Highly recommend for their fair...
Salvador Mercado
Salvador Mercado
11 months ago
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Very pleased with the all around service. Spoke with Chris and he gave me a awesome quote. He answered all my questions...
Michael H.
Michael H.
a month ago
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Like other reviews said, Joe was great. Good communication and also timely response. Was able to help me find a transport with good price...


If you are looking into shipping services in the Blount Island area, let us help you. Fill out our free online quote form at the top of the page. You'll get a free quote within minutes.

Our team of professional Blount Island car shipping transporters are ready to help you relocate your car.

Top 3 Tips for Planning Your Move

If you are intending to move or taking a trip in Blount Island, there are multiple things you should know if you are planning to book an auto transport company to relocate your vehicle:

  • Shop around for quotes from various car shipping service providers. Not only are you looking for the best car shipping company, but you want the most competitive quote as well. Be hardworking and research the industry. If you do your homework, you'll pick the company that will fulfill the job successfully. We do have five-star reviews from our customers on Facebook, Google and Yelp.
  • Make sure your transporter will deliver to you. After all, you completely don’t want to sign an arrangement without bearing in mind if the company will insist you receive the vehicle from another location. This makes the transport process just that much more distressing for you. Most of the time, we pick up and deliver from door-to-door.
  • Prepare your vehicle properly. Remove all personal effects. Also remove any possessions that could easily be lost during the move and check the fluids in your vehicle as well.

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Vehicle transport quotes and rates in the industry are calculated using several elements that are different with each move. How far it has to go, the car make and model, and if it is running or not are just a few variables that affect the price. Our vehicle shipping quote form will get you an accurate shipping rate with all user-submitted information, and comprehensive quotes without hidden surcharges.

Shipping your automobile with a dependable car transporter while on a budget  is easy with United Car Shipping. Whether you’re looking for someone to move scrap cars or get your foreign car safely to your doorstep, United provides competitive quotes and the top service in the industry.


The common cost to ship a car within the United States depends upon what sort of trailer you want enclosed or open, how far it's going, and your pick up and delivery preferences.

At the time of this writing, it costs approximately $2.50 per mile to ship a automobile less than two hundred, but costs around 75 cents a mile to ship a standard automobile a thousand miles or more.

If you happen to are  ready to get the exact price to ship your car, truck, van or motorcycle you may visit our quote page, fill in your vehicle shipping information and we will give you a quick quote.

If you desire to speak to a human (on the telephone) about delivering your vehicle to or from Blount Island, we love to visit with our customers from this great state. Our staff will answer all the questions you have about moving your car. You can call our staff at 1-800-931-4311 and they will be glad to help you.

We can tell you exactly how much it is to transport your automobile from coast to coast or enable you to get a quote for international delivery. We are thrilled to help you relocate your college student, help our military personnel, move dealership cars, or assist you with your classic car transport.


Auto transport takes time, so schedule your transport as far in advance as possible. Usually a 10-day cushion is best. As a rule of thumb, it's best if we have at least a week to plan your transport efficiently and effectively. Once your transport is completed and confirmed, United Car Shipping will average 7-15 days depending on the distance of the move.

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Picking the Best Blount Island Car Shipping Company 

No matter what, it's important to contact an expert auto transport company to help out. Picking a transport company with experience and knowledge in the industry will  undoubtedly ensure everything go more smoothly.

It's also important to know when your vehicle is on its way to be delivered, there is a great customer service team included along the delivery process. You are trusting your car to strangers. It's vital to feel confident the people you entrust your vehicle to has your best interest at heart. The number one focus is to have your car delivered safely.

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Open transport is the car shipping industry's customary method of shipping cars. These are the most commonly seen carriers on the road every day. Whether or not you're moving a brand new, used, or junk car, open transport is the cheapest option to moving a car. Roughly 90% of automobile transport providers operate an open trailer, so selecting this service means you will have plenty of availability and the very best rates.

Learn more about open carrier transport here.

Auto Transport Truck


For those who are needing to move your exotic automobile, antique vehicle, classic cars or vintage race cars, enclosed transport will likely be your favorite option. Closed transport provides essentially the most protection for each automobile throughout the move.

With an enclosed trailer, it will defend your vehicle from climate conditions, filth, particles, and different things it may encounter while it was on an open carrier. Enclosed vehicle transport will usually cost more than open transport, however we do recommend this service for special vehicles which can be delicate, have a high sentimental worth or high market value.

Learn more about enclosed transport here.


Door-to-door service is offered by most car shipping companies. We will pick up and deliver your automobile as close to your door as attainable.

Take into account, our semi-trucks and trailers can't always make it through some residential streets and residence communities. If this is the case for your area, we will work out an accessible area to load or unload your vehicle along with your driver while en route.


United's auto transport team presents you the best choices, like booking with the friendly support of our trained staff who always provide guaranteed quotes and five-star service. When you approve your quote, we are going to assign your vehicle shipment to a personal dispatch representative and work diligently to find the best carrier for your move based on where the carrier is currently located, the path they are moving and the direction they will be going.

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United Car Shipping brings every little thing you need or want when looking for a transporter into one platform. Experience, knowledge and our professional service team. We will walk you through the entire process so you're not left hanging with questions. Since we ship thousands of vehicles every year and realize this may be your first time, so here are some helpful tips to make your transfer easier.


If you are moving, make sure your license and registration are up to date.


Find out what car shipping company you want to work with and call them directly. We hope that's us! You can reach your United auto transport team at 1-800-931-4311.


If you're still getting quotes, find out the cost to ship your vehicle by getting a guaranteed auto shipping quote.


Book your United auto transport move. For the most part, it's best if we have seven to ten days to plan your move efficiently.


Our dispatch team will look at which carrier in our national network will be in the pickup area and headed toward your delivery destination.


Throughout the transport process you will be able to reach out to your dispatch team if you have any concerns. We will also contact you throughout the move especially as delivery gets closer to its destination to solidify times for drop off.


Shipping a vehicle can be a tedious and costly endeavor. You need to make sure you are working with the best auto transport company at their most reasonable fee.

It's our major goal to make your shipping experience as enjoyable as possible. Our crew of transport professionals are in your corner to make sure your questions are answered, any concerns are resolved and you feel confident your car will be relocated in a safe, timely manner, delivered to you without incident.

If you'd like to learn more about the process of auto transport, check out our handy auto transport guide. No matter how far you need to move your car to or from Blount Island, UNITEDs auto transport professionals will do it promptly and safely guaranteed.

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Planning a trip to Blount Island? Here are some fun facts about the city.

Blount Island is an island of approximately 2,000 acres (8.1 km2) on the St. Johns River in Jacksonville, Florida, nine nautical miles (16.7 km) west of the Atlantic Ocean. One of three public cargo facilities at the Port of Jacksonville is located there, and it is also the site of the United States Marine Corps Blount Island Command.[1]

Before the Port Authority obtained Blount Island, the island was named Goat Island. The Bartchlett family lived on the island for over 35 years. They were there during World War II. They observed ships coming through the channel still burning from action in the war. The Dames Point Cut that straightened the river was signed off by George Bartchlett allowing the dredging to begin. He raised seven children and four grandchildren on this island. At that time the only way to the island was by boat. The house once set on the Dames Point side of the island. The children going to school caught the bus at the end of Dames point road. There is a lot of history to this island that once was a family's home.
The St. Johns River between Jacksonville and the Atlantic Ocean twists and turns. That was not a problem until shipping companies began using bigger and bigger freighters after World War II. The United States Army Corps of Engineers created the Dames Point Cut, a straight channel that provided an alternative to the river's natural course, which contained several of the sharpest turns in the river. Four marsh islands received the dredging spoil and became Blount Island. The property was turned over to the Jacksonville Port Authority (JAXPORT) for development.[2]
The west side of the island was developed and used for freight operations after the Jacksonville Port Authority (JAXPORT) was established in 1963. Railroad access to the site was added in the late 1960s.[3]

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baltimore Md

5.0 rating

Thanks Joe
Contacted Joe needed to transport my SUV from MD to ATL. Joe took my info and said he would call as soon as he dispatch a driver in several hours he contacted me said he can have my car pickup up that next day Friday and delivered on Saturday. The Driver call right away before the pickup and after. He was very quick and professional.

james brown

Don't make the same mistake that i did...

5.0 rating

I don’t know why i have to learn things the hard way:( I went with the cheapest company and they didn’t show up to pick up my car. I tried calling them all day long and they wouldn’t answer the phone. I had already given them a deposit and so then i had to go through the hassle of doing a chargeback. They had four-stars, so i thought i was good. I started calling around and i found joe with United Car Shipping. He was really nice and explained why the other company couldn’t get a driver to pick up my car. Joe was awesome and he got a driver to come out the next day. Everything worked out and i was very happy with this company. I ended up paying a couple hundred dollars more, and it was worth it! These guys are really nice and the understand how to communicate. Thumbs up for United!

Tim Lee

Job done...

5.0 rating

I booked, they picked up and delivered. Everything went smooth and i have noting but good things to say about this company.

Dave B.

Very happy with the service!

5.0 rating

Great experience from the first call to the delivery of my vehicle. I read a lot of reviews before i chose United. I went with them because nobody had anything bad to say about this company.
Customer service – awesome
Price – average
Pickup – everything went smooth and driver did a great job!
Delivery – driver called the day before and gave me a time and he showed up as he said he would.
Totally recommend this company!

Gabby V.

Nice Job!

5.0 rating

These guys did a great job shipping my car from Los Angeles to San francisco. They answered all my questions and were very friendly. The price was right and the driver was really nice and on time for pickup and delivery. Good company that does what they say!

Bruce G.

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