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Open Carrier Car Transport Services

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Open auto transport is by far the most popular method of car shipping and it’s not just utilized by people on a tight budget. Many dealerships, auctions, collectors and individuals use open auto transport for shipping their cars because it is a great option. We can carry more cars at once, which can have a big impact on the cost of shipping your car compared to that of enclosed auto transport. For the team at United Car Shipping, it’s all about getting the job done safely at a great price.

Enclosed Carrier Auto Transport Services

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Shipping your vehicle enclosed will give you the ultimate peace of mind. This type of car shipping  protects your vehicle from the all external elements. Moving your car enclosed will protect your vehicle from weather, rocks and theft. In most cases enclosed auto carriers will cost double of what it would cost to ship your car on an open carrier. But, these drivers have more experience with high-end vehicles, too. Enclosed shipping gives you more of a personable touch when shipping your car. Check out the United car shipping reviews.

Motorcycle Shipping

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If you’re looking for a safe & affordable way to ship a motorcycle within the US or Canada, your search is over! Shipping your bike to one of the upcoming Motorcycle Rallies? We have years of experience specializing in shipping motorcycles within the US and Canada. We have a continually expanding global reach. You won’t find this kind of experience or network with any other company.

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Need to Ship a Vehicle to Hawaii?

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We know that you have a lot of choices when selecting a shipping company to ship your car to Hawaii. You definitely want a company with the experience and know-how to manage your Hawaii auto transport right. United Car Shipping provides professional transport services at the right price and on time.

  • Honolulu Harbor Oahu
  • Kalaeloa Barbers Point Harbor Oahu
  • Kewalo Basin Oahu
  • Kahului Harbor Maui
  • Kaunakakai Harbor Molokai
  • Kaumalapau Harbor Lanai
  • Hilo Harbor Hawaii
  • Kawaihae Harbor Hawaii
  • Nawiliwili Harbor Kauai
  • Port Allen Harbor Kauai

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International Vehicle Shipping

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With over 30 years in the auto shipping industry, United Car Shipping has grown an extensive global network of experienced international carriers. Shipping a car to another country requires extensive knowledge of the rules and regulations of overseas shipping. Having the right company handle your car shipping will never be more important.

Your International Car Shipping Rep Will Help With:

  • Logistics
  • Method of transportation
  • Method of pick up and delivery
  • Customs requirements

  • Preparation of documentation
  • RORO (roll on-roll off) shipping
  • Shipping lines scheduling
  • Vehicle inspection

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CAR SHIPPING QUOTES 101: 9 Factors that Determine How Much It Costs to Ship Your Car

1. The Distance We Move Your Vehicle

The distance between pickup and delivery is the number one factor in understanding the quoting process and how much it costs to ship your car. The longer the distance, the more the cost goes up for the trucker for fuel, wear and tear on the truck, and the amount of time it takes them. The cost per mile slowly goes down with the more distance the driver has to go, but the overall shipping rate goes up. The average company driver will travel roughly 450 miles per day.

To get the most accurate quote, call our experienced customer service representatives at (800) 931-4311 or fill out the quote form at the top of this page. We’ll give you a guaranteed quote and answer any questions you have about your transport.

2. The Length of Your Vehicle

The length of your vehicle has a big effect on transport cost. The average size automobile is about 180” long. If your car is average, car shipping is easier because it will allows us to transport more vehicles for more money. Longer vehicles over 190” start to take up more space and the auto transporter can’t move as many cars. Automobiles over 200” will be priced higher to help the driver compensate for the loss in truck space. For the most complete quote please call our professional service representative at (800) 931-4311 or feel free to get your auto shipping quote at the top of this page.

3. The Height of Your Automobile

The height of your vehicle plays a roll in pricing your car shipping because it determines how many vehicles the transporter can fit on the truck. Most cars are about 58“ in height, midsize SUV’s 68” and larger SUV’s 74”on the average. SUV’s are priced higher to ship because of their height and weight. The taller the SUV’s are the greater the cost.

To make up for the loss in money, we need to charge more money for shipping. And this why it’s important to understand the height of your vehicle when receiving a car shipping quote. For the most reliable car shipping quote please call our customer service representative at (800) 931-4311 or please fill out our auto transport quote form at the top of this page.

4. The Weight of Your Car

Car haulers are only allowed a max weight of 80,000 pounds. Weight plays a part on how many cars an auto transport truck can take, the heavier the cars the less they can transport. The driver have to go through scales that are set up by each state and these scales make sure the truck’s weight is not over 80,000 pounds. No driver wants to be told he has to remove a car from his truck.

The heavier the truck the more fuel consumption and the more it costs to ship the vehicles. This is why car, SUV’s or trucks that weigh more than 4,500 pounds cost more to ship and have higher auto shipping rates, which is reflected in the quote. To get the most complete auto shipping quote please call our friendly customer service representative at (800) 931-4311 or fill out our auto moving quote form at the top of this page.

5. Shipping Lowered or Raised Vehicles

Uniteds auto transport team makes sure all vehicles on our trucks are insured. Most companies fall short when it comes to protecting their customers vehicles. The last thing we want is a damage claim.

The lower the cars ground clearance, the more chance there is for it to be damaged, especially when shipping on an open carrier. Any vehicle with less then 4″ of ground clearance or lower should be shipped enclosed carrier, where it will get a driver that has experience with lowered vehicles.

Any car, truck or SUV that is over 5 “ ground clearance should be safe to go on an open carrier. If your vehicle has a lift in most cases will need to be shipped on an open carrier. It’s important that if your car, SUV or truck is lowered or raised that you call our customer support team to get your quote (800) 931-4311.

6. The Condition of Your Car

Its important for us to know if your vehicle it operable or non-operable.

Operable – This means your car runs, brakes, steers, mirrors work, windows go up and down, shifts in forward and reverse, tires inflated and able to roll. It’s important that all these things work properly. Does it run at least well enough to drive it on and off the auto transport truck? If your vehicle is considered “an in-op,” in most cases will cost you around $250 extra for shipping. The number of drivers that can handle an in-operable vehicle are limited and that means they don’t ship nearly as fast as running cars.

If your vehicle is considered inoperable, you definitely need to request a specialized quote. Please call our customer support team to get your quote (800) 931-4311.

7. The Type of Truck - Open or Enclosed Carrier

Open Auto Transport
Enclosed Auto Transport

Almost all cars, trucks and SUV’s are shipped on an open carrier and that means exposed to the elements. It is the same type of truck that you often see driving down the freeway with cars stacked on it. Open carriers are the cheapest way to ship your car. The other alternative is enclosed car shipping. It is the most protected way to ship your car, but it costs a lot more then open carrier shipping.

The average enclosed carrier price is usually 50% higher price then open car shipping. The main reason is that an enclosed truck can’t fit as many vehicles; an open carrier can accommodate eight or twelve cars. Both open & enclosed travel the same distance and have similar costs. The four to six vehicles on an enclosed truck make it so that we must make up the difference in cost.

8. The Time of Year You Ship Your Car Matters

There are different times in the year that affect the car shipping cost, sometimes drastically. The snowbirds season from the northern states to the southern states to escape the colder climates for warmer climates, and this drives up the cost to ship your vehicle to places like Texas, Arizona, California, and Florida. They return home by the tens of thousands in the springtime, and then auto shipping rates in those direction rise.

9. The Pickup & Delivery Location of Your Vehicle

Pickup location has a big effect on the cost to ship your car. The concentration of people makes it easier on us to gather full loads of vehicles and get headed to our destination faster. Every day a full load is leaving a major city for another. The chances of finding a truck sooner than later are higher for cities that have higher populations. To get the most exact vehicle transport quote please call our experienced support team at (800) 931-4311 or fill out our fast auto shipping quote form at the top of this page.

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