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Dependable Limo Car Transport Services

Let United Car Shipping handle transport your limo and we will get the job done right! Call one of our friendly professional customer service reps to get your limo shipping done right! Please have the following information available for our customer service representative.

This is a list of information our reps will need to give you an accurate limo shipping quote.

Enclosed – this is auto transport your vehicle completely protected from the elements and theft. Enclosed car transport may offer you more protection, but can be very costly, especially when carriers a limo over a standard vehicle.

Open – This type of auto transport leaves your vehicle exposed to the elements and potential theft. You will find that transport open carrier it the most inexpensive way to ship your limo.

United Car Shipping has been carriers limos for over twenty years and we have the experience and equipment to ensure your limo arrives on time and damage free!

We have put together a section on Limo car transport Faq’s to help when transport your limo. If you have any further questions or just need a limo shipping quote please call one of our professional customer service reps. Now!