What Does it Cost to ship A Recreational Vehicle or RV?

Recreational Vehicles can very greatly when it comes to shipping costs. Smaller RVs won’t cost as much, but still can cost more than it would to ship a van or truck; although, a class A Large RV can cost several times more to ship. One of the biggest determining factors of the cost is the size and weight of the your RV. Here are some of the most common types of RVs that we can ship:

  • Class A motorhome
  • Bus conversion
  • Diesel pusher
  • Class B motorhome (campervan)
  • Class B+ motorhome
  • Class C motorhome
  • Truck camper
  • Popup camper
  • Travel trailer
  • Teardrop trailer
  • Hybrid trailer
  • Fifth-wheel trailer
  • Park model (vacation/resort cottage)
  • Toterhome
  • Toy hauler
How Much Is The Cost Of Shipping A RV?

As you can see from our list, shipping an RV ranges from a small popup camper on the back of a truck to a 45-foot motorhome that may need to be driven. When figuring out the cost of shipping an RV, it’s helpful to know weight, length and width. Larger RVs will cost more to transport, but so too will a smaller RV that weigh a lot. The more your RV weighs the more it will cost. 

Get a quote for shipping your RV or Fifth Wheel from a Five Star RV Shipping Company!

United is an RV shipping company and we have a wealth of experience in shipping RVs of all kinds and pull many different hitch types, such as a fifth wheel, goose necks, Pinter hooks, and various ball hitches. We will ship units up to 8’6″ wide, 13’6” high and 43’ length. Larger units will require permits and these costs will be figured into your quote. If you are looking for RV Shipping Services we have the best drivers and the most experience.


When it comes to shipping RVs there are and several different types we ship, such as:

Keystone RV
Americana RV
Holiday Rambler
Heartland RV
Forest River RV
Coleman Camping Trailers
Palomino RV

Motor homes are driven able. The cheapest way for shipping RVs such as a motor home is a drive-a- away service, where we get our license and insured drivers to fly out to your destination and drive them back. The downfall is the wear and tear on the motorhome and the miles.

RV Shipping Services
The other option for shipping RVs is going on a step deck or lowboy with loading ramps, basically a flatbed but stronger. Then you have the Fifth Wheels, which have the long neck on the front. One thing to keep in mind about Fifth Wheel hauling is that A Fifth Wheel is typically larger than the standard RV and cannot be pulled by any truck.

A standard rule for RV shipping or RV Ship is that the truck must have an attachable fifth wheel in the bed of the truck to hook up. This usually goes for $3.00 to $3.50 a mile depending on your pick up location, drop off location and the size. The standard RV is the ball and hitches “bumper pool” which can hook up to any powerful 4/4 truck. This goes for $2.75 and up, depending on the location and size. Your RV must be roadworthy for ship. Tires are the responsibility of the owner.

Remember any time that you are calling for a quote for an RV Ship, please have all dimensions, including weight ready. All of our carriers are licensed, insured and bonded, with a background check for the past three years.

When comes to RV shipping, we pride ourselves in a friendly door-to-door delivery. Your driver is required to provide you with a cell phone number for easy communication throughout the process of shipping RV.

International RV Shipping

Give us a call today and speak with one of our specialist in RV Ship Service who will make sure your RV is transported safely and in a reasonable time frame. If you are an RV dealer and are looking for a reputable company to handle all of your oversized transportation needs we do have a dealer and repeat customer discounts to help bring down cost.

When transporting your RV, it is crucial to ship it on the correct type of trailer due to certain DOT height restrictions. We also offer drive away options that are much more cost effective. You should always book your RV shipping at least 1-2 weeks in advance. With door-to-door RV shipments please understand that big trucks are restricted to go into certain areas. You must also take in to account low hanging trees and cross wires in rural areas. North and south routes RV shipments usually take 5-7 days and east to west generally take 8-11 days for RV transporting.