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    Tesla Electric Vehicles – Vehicle Shipping For Electric Cars

    We here at Auto Transport Express provide many electric vehicle transport services including fast enclosed transportation, oversize EV shipping, routing plans, and additional protections for high-value EVs. Our goal is to deliver our best customer service, fastest car shipment, and safe pick-up & delivery for your EV transport, with EV transport rates that are smart. Whether you are moving an electric vehicle, boat, or motorhome, the broad selection of services from Direct Connect Auto Transport is perfect when you are looking to move your car for the lowest price. When it comes to moving a vehicle, car transport services are only as reliable as the moving company that you are working with.

    Getting your vehicle shipped from a reputable car hauler is the best way to ensure that it gets where it needs to go without you having to worry. Present your car for pickup at your scheduled time by a professional car transportation company. Your car will be off during the entire car transportation process, except for loading and unloading by a truck, boat, or plane. Your electric car will be turned off during the entire transportation process, meaning that shipping it is no more dangerous than a conventional vehicle.

    Other than lithium-ion batteries, transportation regulations for electric vehicles are similar to those for conventional cars. In the U.S., lithium-ion batteries are subject to more stringent transportation regulations.

    We should keep in mind that, although EV manufacturers take all of the necessary safety precautions to make sure that their vehicles are safe to drive, most of the risks associated with lithium-ion batteries stem from overheating. Electric vehicle manufacturers, like Tesla Motors Tesla Motors, have taken some great security measures to ensure any hazards do not happen to their vehicles. Modern safety procedures in transportation of vehicles may apply to electric vehicles and gasoline vehicles alike.

    We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the vehicle transportation process, so that you can keep your electric car safe during transportation. Visually inspect your car, as well as taking pictures for your records, should any damages occur throughout the car transport process. Check to see if your car insurance policy covers any potential damages that may occur to your car while being transported.

    No matter what option you choose, your car will be protected with a variety of security devices and covered for the duration of the transportation process. As long as a carrier takes necessary safety precautions, this type of vehicle is not any more dangerous to transport than a gas-powered or diesel-powered car. These types of vehicles also can require the company to practice additional safety measures, get additional permits, and have specialized equipment in order to safely transport batteries made up of lithium-ion.

    Moving electric cars also can require additional legwork for a transportation companys time, such as lithium battery training, getting special licenses, and providing specific equipment for safe battery movement. When shipping an electric or hybrid vehicle, it is important to keep in mind that vehicles are heavy and need specific attention. Electric vehicles use larger batteries to provide energy, which can add a pretty significant amount of weight to the total weight of the electric or hybrid car.

    As long as batteries are protected from shorts and prevented from moving, you do not have to run down your cars batteries prior to shipping the car. If you want to make sure that your battery has some juice left in it by the time you reach its destination, then you are better off charging the car battery prior to shipment. Since your electric vehicle will be loaded on a motor carrier and does not need any stops at charging stations, shipping times do not change, and they should take as long as shipping a gas-powered vehicle.

    Because of larger batteries and increased weight, many car haulers will charge more for shipping a hybrid or electric vehicle. Most transport companies are now shipping EVs for about the same price as conventional vehicles. Some of the biggest names in automotive manufacturing–Toyota, Volkswagen, and Tesla–have also released electric models into the market, catering to customers looking for a more convenient, greener mode of transportation.

    Because electric and hybrid vehicles are still a minority, they are unheard of by many car haulers and mechanics. Most of the time, companies that charge more, or decline to carry EV/hybrid vehicles at all, are doing so due to a lack of information.

    Ideally, you will want a company who has been transporting electric and hybrid vehicles for a number of years. Make a list of potential auto transportation companies that meet those criteria, and concentrate on what the company can do for you as you figure out how to move your electric car.

    You can get your electric vehicle shipped just about anywhere in the U.S. using the same transportation methods that conventional cars use. Ship Vehicles can help with your electric car shipment process, answer any questions you may have, and provide you with a no-pressure, no-obligation transportation quote. Number 1 Auto Transport aims to offer safe, reliable, speedy door-to-door services to pickup, transport, and delivery of your Tesla. Berlin Motors uses this state-of-the-art vehicle-loading rack system for EVs shipped from the U.S. to Europe, Dubai, and China.

    The cars of the Germanas most successful electric and hybrid automakers are moved onto the raised platforms in Wolfsburg, Germanyas plant, in April 2016. Ford will make cars using the electric platforms of Germanyas most successful automaker, according to a deal announced in July. In China, already the biggest electric-vehicle market in the world, the country has implemented a system requiring automakers to make cleaner vehicles, or buy credits for CO2 emissions produced by their vehicles. Transporting an electric vehicle by driving yourself is uncomfortable, presents potential hazards, and causes unnecessary wear on the car.



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