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    Toyota Electric Cars – Shipping Electric Vehicles Across The Country

    The new EV is expected to debut at Beijings motor show in April, becoming the second electric BZ car from Toyota, following on the heels of the BZ4X electric SUV that will arrive in the U.S. next year. Toyota has reportedly been working with Chinese company BYD on the construction of the new, low-cost electric vehicle, which is expected to launch next year. Toyota announced Thursday its first broadly available EV, the forthcoming BZ4X electric SUV, will be equipped with a one-year free unlimited charging period at all EVgo public quick-charging locations. Toyota has made a lofty claim with the bZ4X–that it will maintain 90% battery capacity after 10 years of ownership–so it is nice to see that Toyota is not backing down on the fast-charging front, something that other carmakers in the past have advised against in order to avoid degradation in battery degradation.

    Toyota has been pioneering hybrid vehicles, using both an electric motor and a gas engine, but has been slower than competitors such as Volkswagen, GM, and Ford Motors to market cars that operate exclusively on batteries. Years of betting on hydrogen fuel cells and hybrid vehicles has left Toyota lagging in the race for battery-electric vehicles. Battery-electric vehicles, as they are now (powered by lithium-ion batteries), are just not a viable replacement for all of todays Ice-powered vehicles, much less replacing only the ones currently owned by Toyota customers. Because electric and hybrid vehicles are still a small minority, they are unheard of by many car-transport companies and mechanics.

    There is much misinformation about transportation for hybrids and electric cars and trucks in this evolving industry because these types of vehicles are still relatively new. Just like with any vehicle, truck, motorcycle, quad, or Jet Ski, delivering your hybrid or electric car safely requires the experience of a reputable car mover. As long as a transporter takes necessary safety precautions, this type of vehicle is not more dangerous to ship than a gas-powered or diesel-powered car. Modern transportation standards ensure your vehicle is secure during its entire trip.

    Modern car transportation safety procedures are tailored for gas-powered cars as well as electric vehicles. Getting your vehicle shipped from a professional car hauler is the best way to ensure that it gets where it needs to go, with no worries on your part. Since vehicle transportation companies charge based on weight, you might need to pay a bit extra to get your electric vehicle where it needs to go. Because of larger batteries and increased weight, many vehicle transportation companies will charge more for delivering your hybrid or electric car.

    Today, most transport companies ship EVs for roughly the same cost as conventional vehicles. When it comes to EV delivery, like normal cars, you can have it shipped just about anywhere — domestically or internationally. Your EV will be turned off for the whole vehicle shipment process, meaning that shipping it is no more dangerous than shipping a regular vehicle. Your car will not be turned on throughout the transportation process, other than during loading and unloading by a truck, boat, or plane.

    When shipping an electric or hybrid car, you must keep in mind that this car is very heavy and requires specialized care. Taking extra care with your electric or hybrid car while it is being shipped will increase its value in the long run.

    If you are looking to buy a hybrid or electric car and get it shipped to you, or you have to move one because of corporate relocation, retirement, extended leave, or another reason, keep reading for details about this evolving industry, battery regulations, and concerns regarding shipping hybrids and electric vehicles. While the up-front costs of buying HEVs and electric vehicles are still high, new data indicates hybrids and electric vehicles can save drivers money over the long term. HEVs, PHEVs, and electric cars have the potential to reduce fuel costs significantly due to their higher efficiency with electrically assisted components.

    Some of the biggest names in automotive industry (Toyota, Volkswagen, and Tesla) have also released EV models in the market to serve customers looking for a more convenient, eco-friendly transportation option. Toyota is now the largest carmaker in the world, selling everything from ICE-powered vehicles to EVs, but the Toyota all-electric strategy has been slower to gain shape than the strategies from other carmakers such as General Motors, Hyundai, Kia, Volkswagen Group, Audi, and others. Top Toyota executives, including billionaire CEO Akio Toyoda, have been on record calling the electric car trend overhyped, partly due to emissions associated with power plants — that is the preferred talking point used by the oil and gas industry.

    While vocally opposing a widely touted shift toward battery-electric vehicles might seem a strange strategy for a company such as Toyota, a closer look indicates some of it is savvy given the finite resources that the world can generate to build sufficient numbers of battery-electric vehicles. For now, the 2023 Toyota BZ4X is Toyotas sole EV program representative: The entire 2023 Toyota BZ4X battery-electric vehicle. At this point, Toyota seems to be intent on continuing its delayed rollout of BEVs in Australia, an important testing ground for the innovations.

    Toyota Motor Corp is also planning another 4 trillion yen investment into other types of EVs, including hybrid cars, plug-in hybrids, and fuel-cell EVs, which use hydrogen as the energy source. In its global corporate activities, Toyota will push electrification strategies that will help to lower CO2 emissions over a vehicles lifetime, and it will consult with governments about ways to make the environment better to advance electrification.



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