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    Are you a dealer in need of dependable motorcycle shipping who are able to provide motorcycle shipping services, nationwide from your lot to your customers door? We can provide you with the right motorcycle shipment for your haul. Ask any of our motorcycle shipping representatives about preferred pricing for motorcycle dealers.

    Motorcycle Shipping is a Breeze

    We provide the highest standard of safety and security in the motorcycle industry. We do not play games when it comes to motorcycle shipping. Whether you’re a dealer, manufacturer or individual, we offer the most technologically advanced motorcycle shipping service available for your motorcycle’s journey door-to-door, coast-to-coast. No one can match our motorcycle service.


    Motorcycle transport for Dealers and Manufactures

    Are you a dealer in need of dependable motorcycle shipping who are able to provide motorcycle shipping services, nationwide from your lot to your customers door? We can provide you with the right motorcycle shipment for your haul. Ask any of our motorcycle shipping representatives about preferred pricing for motorcycle dealers.

    Door To Door Motorcycle Shipping

    Door to door shipping costs less than terminal to terminal shipping, and you can save considerable amount of time in shipping your motorcycle. The advantage of door to door transport is that there’s no need to drop off or pick up your bike at a terminal, we pick it up for you and drop it off at the location you choose. We can do terminal drop off and pickup, but we are a door to door company.


    Terminal To Terminal Motorcycle Shipping

    Terminal to terminal motorcycle shipping requires the customer to both drop off and pick up their motorcycle from a tow company or terminal. Motorcycle terminal to terminal shipping is the most affordable shipping service currently available.

    Most Asked Questions About Motorcycle Shipping

    We put this section together to try and give you the answers you’re looking for quick and easy.

    Make sure your motorcycle is within 96″ long, and 40″ wide. You need to know the weight of your motorcycle. Fold in the mirrors if possible, and remove all items from the saddlebags and glove box. DO NOT send important documents with your motorcycle. We recommend you send them with an overnight courier. The driver will not pick up or deliver the documents.


    Understanding the amount of time it takes to deliver your motorcycle after pickup.

    Here are some examples of delivery times, these times are estimated and should not be considered as guaranteed.

    East coast to west coast or west to east approximately 7-14 days

    Central US to east coast or central to west coast approximately 5-8 days

    Southern states to northern states or north to south approximately 5-8 days

    Within your state pickup and deliveries are approximately 1 to 3 days

    East coast to Hawaii is approximately 20 to 30 days.

    West coast to Hawaii is approximately 10 to 20 days.

    Keep in mind that these times are averages and can change to different situations. For example if your motorcycle is not picking up or delivering to a major city we may have to put it on a second truck and this could cause a delay.


    No, do not drain any fluids in your bike.


    Yes, please call for the most accurate quote.

    Motorcycle Shipping Services

    The cost of transporting a motorcycle with a professional company depends on the size of your motorcycle, the length of the trip, the type of truck the porter uses, and the season in which they transport the motorcycle. The average cost of transporting a motorcycle is about US$0.50 per mile and traveling about 1,000 miles. The cost of transporting motorcycles also depends on whether you pay for transport insurance.

    For example, if you decide to ship your motorcycle in an enclosed cockpit, you are informed that this can increase the costs by up to 80%. King of the Road has a standard motorcycle delivery service that includes indoor transportation, but there is an element of precision and transparency in United pricing that King of the Road lacks – shipping costs can vary from company to company depending on the delivery method, timetable and other factors.

    Owners usually ship their motorcycles through a specialized shipping company or a full service shipping company. Frequently, full-service motorcycle transport companies contract with a specialized transport company. The typical price range from $ 1,000 to $ 2,000 for transporting a motorcycle by boat.

    If you need to transport a motorcycle around the country, you can transport it yourself or hire a delivery service. Hiring a moving company to transport a motorcycle can be a tricky process, as your beautiful motorcycle will arrive at its destination safely and quickly if you use the services of a professional car transporter. Using a motorcycle transport company will ensure that your bike arrives safely and the company is familiar with the logistics necessary to ship the motorcycle.

    When you are unsure about your motorcycle or car shipment, you are able to enter some details about your shipment such as the make and model of the motorcycle that will be shipped and the place of pickup. Search online for motorcycle or car delivery companies and ask for different shipping costs for your shipment.

    To get an instant quote for your motorcycle, fill the form above and let the best road transport professionals work for you to get the best motorcycle delivery rate.We are confident that we can place your motorcycle at the disposal of a motorcycle transport company and we pride ourselves on carefully and professionally selecting the best delivery option for the best possible motorcycle delivery price.

    Our motorcycle transportation company offers several motorcycle transportation service options to meet the needs of our Harley Davidson two wheeled motorcycle delivery enthusiasts. Motorcycle shippers also offer a premium service called Express Delivery, which helps even when you are racing against the clock to find a service provider who will deliver your motorcycle to you. As such, motorcycle delivery remains a viable option for getting your motorcycle from point A to point B. Shipping your motorcycle is often the easiest and least risky option to transport your bike to a new location.

    On long journeys, motorcycles must be delivered in closed trailers, which is often the more expensive method of delivery. Whatever looks like a motorcycle or ATV will be delivered in much the same way as company that only delivers bicycles.

    Open transport is finally a safe means of transporting : your motorcycle will be protected from road vibrations and shocks. Even when Number 1 Auto Transport gets it right, getting the bike ready and shipping it, unforeseen circumstances may arise : We use closed carriers with patented metal rollers and dedicated transport platforms to transport your vehicle.

    Not everyone can travel hundreds or thousands of miles on a seat, which is why we often assist with transfers to drop off points outside the area to ensure owners can pick up their bikes and ride around town. The motorcycle shippers are skilled enough to handle the shipment for you, and more importantly, they also offer a door-to-door delivery service.

    Motorcycle delivery companies on United usually try to fill up space on trips they already make. So using United is not only good for the environment as these trips are still ongoing, but also means that motorcycle transport rates can be up to 75% cheaper than regular rates. Research and receiving a binding quote can help ensure that the delivery is at an affordable price and within a reasonable time frame.

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