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    Volkswagen Electric Cars – Transporting My Electric Vehicles

    As a proponent of electric cars, I am very excited to see electric cars that Volkswagen is going to sell in America starting next year. The Volkswagen Groups plans for speeding up their electric power are starting to pay off, as we are now seeing a substantial amount of delivery volumes for Volkswagen Groups all-electric cars. Volkswagen is now ramping up the production of multiple EVs across multiple markets.

    The majority of the electric vehicle sales are of Volkswagens electric VW ID.4 SUV, which is following closely the Tesla Model Y in terms of popularity. Currently, sales of electric cars make up nearly 81% of new Volkswagen sales to the Norwegian government — 6,900 out of a total 8,500. As The Driven reported Monday, Volkswagen has sold the highest amount of EV Kombis – the ID.Buzz – in Norway.

    Volkswagen ID.4 Volkswagen ID.3 Audi e-tron 31177 cars (incl. The claims are based on driving 15,000 miles a year using US Energy Information Administration ( data available at the time of publication, which projects the average price for gas and electricity generated by a 2021-2025 model year, as well as EPAs average MPGe for new cars in MY21 vehicles to be 27.

    Ford is now planning one electric car in every car in its product line-up by 2026. Kia says it will add seven new electric vehicle models to its inventory over the next five years. Now, Porsche plans for its Macan SUV to be offered as an EV, too.

    While Mercedes-Benz dipped into the electric car game several years ago with its B-class electric car, the company is looking to have a full-electric revival with the forthcoming EQ range. Just a couple weeks ago, Volkswagen of America released yet another TV spot focused on its next electric vehicle family. On June 5, Volkswagen of America launched a new advertising campaign designed to promote the electric cars and to repair a brand image that had been severely tarnished by the fumes from its diesel engines. For the first time in the United States, the automaker is spending ad dollars to make an important push on electric cars, with national TV.

    In addition to making these adventure-ready electric cars for consumers, Rivian, the California-based electric vehicle company, is going to be making fully electric delivery vans for Amazon. Volkswagen also will be making self-driving cars available for many before the end of the decade. Emergency vehicles and commercial vehicles also will be replaced by electric vehicles in the near future, with car rental agencies switching to zero-emission models, too. Without doubt, EV companies view battery-powered vehicles as the future of global transportation.

    Electric cars are constantly in the news because they can suddenly burst into flames, but there is so far no sufficient evidence that proves that battery-powered vehicles are uniquely vulnerable. With private customers on Astypalea driving EVs right now, the message is going to spread rapidly about just how exciting electric mobility is, said Maik Stefan, a program manager and business development leader for the Volkswagen Group.

    The plan for the Volkswagen Group is to get compelling EV models onto the roads at an accessible price, helping electric cars achieve global disruption. Toyota is working to make the electric future available in all of its cars. Volkswagen is speeding up its transition into a provider of software-driven mobility.

    Volkswagen has begun to supply EVs to residents on Astypalea, an island in the Aegean Sea, with an aim of transitioning all transportation within the island to EVs. Volkswagen says it is too soon to comment about reports that it has fired on a chartered vessel carrying almost 4,000 high-end vehicles in the United States. Nearly 4,000 high-end vehicles are being started with EVs. Volkswagens ID.4 electric SUV is believed to have been on the affected vessel.

    Investment bank UBS said that, assuming a sales average price of 100,000 euros ($115,000), that would result in about 400 million euros in losses to Volkswagen in the first quarter. VW is targeting around 700,000 EV sales overall in 2022. The remaining quarters are going to need to be a lot better if VW is going to hit the target of 140,000 EVs sold in China this year. Volkswagen of America reported U.S. sales were up 14 percent from the same month last May, while the rest of the industry was suffering declining sales.

    Volkswagen is essentially sold out electric cars this year, both in Europe and in the U.S., according to group CEO Herbert Diess, because of ongoing supply chain bottlenecks that are impacting worldwide output. Will Burns, the author, seems to believe that since Volkswagen USA is late to the electric vehicle party, it has no business being involved in it in the first place, this despite the fact the company has done more to get EVs on the market than most of its competitors. To follow the logic of Contributor Will Burns, only Tesla should be allowed to trumpet their EV credentials, since every other company is late to the party, according to his definition.

    From now on, any fully electric cars Volkswagen releases will fall under the ID banner. From here on out, all of the all-electric vehicles that Volkswagen releases will be under the ID heading. And the fact is, it is not just about a few cars. VW is pulling all its new internal combustion vehicles from Norwegian markets starting in 2024, said local importers of the company.

    Rival Ford Motor Company and Volkswagen announced on Tuesday there would now be two Ford EVs built on VWs electric architecture for the European market, with the production of both expected to amount to around 1.2 million vehicles in a six-year period starting in 2023. Volkswagen and rival Ford Motor Company have been working together since 2019 on electric vehicles, autonomous driving, and other large-ticket initiatives. The VW group has continued its successful Volkswagen Group electric push into the first half of 2021.

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