Corporate Relocation Auto Transport

In fact, automakers are using open carriers to transport new vehicles to parking lots. Transport companies such as Allied Van Lines, which transport vehicles, use open or closed couriers. Whether you need a single vehicle or an entire fleet of vehicles to be transported, we provide you with a variety of carrier options. If you […]

Do Car Shipping Companies Give Senior Discounts?

We believe that customers with more than one vehicle are doing us a favor by running their business and we would like to return this service by offering a discount to anyone carrying more than one vehicle. For customers who move more than one vehicle in one order, we have a discount that applies even […]

Benefits Of Exotic Car Shipping Services

Using air to transport your exotic vehicle is by far the fastest way to transport your vehicle both domestically and internationally. Trucking companies provide your vehicle with luxury transportation services. Delivery of your car by covered transport has many advantages. If you want to get maximum protection for your exotic car, we suggest you take […]

The Importance Of Car Shipping Services For Car Rental Companies

Most companies will provide you with the cost of car delivery for free, which will make it easier to compare the cost of different services. However, it is important to remember that cheaper is not always better. Expect to spend more if you are transporting a luxury or classic vehicle, as this will require more […]

Avoid The Hazards Of Driving Your Car Across Country

If you cannot, wait until the intersection to turn right or enter a gas station. The feeling of a gust of wind that accompanies a passing 18-wheeled vehicle can give you a healthy respect for these traffic giants. It is easy to see that the movements of these vehicles can be unpredictable, so driving around […]

Need To Ship My Car

Shipping by air rather than interstate will cost a little more, but it’s an affordable option for those looking for fast shipping. If you need to ship your vehicle tomorrow and need the fastest transportation available, you can contact our professional United Car Shipping staff for a quote and get your vehicle delivered quickly. Send […]

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car Enclosed

This type of auto shipping should only be chosen if your car is very expensive, personalized, or if you are transporting a sports car. Delivery times – the more urgent the car delivery service you request, the more expensive it will be, like all other express delivery services, as it requires proper route planning. This […]

How To Ship My Car Enclosed

United offers closed car transport with a personal touch throughout the country and specializes in the transport of racing cars with extremely low ground clearance (e.g. 0.25 inches). The company specializes in the delivery of various types of vehicles such as classic or exotic cars, boats, motorcycles, vans and pickups. Each company has thousands of […]

Best Enclosed Auto Transport Services

United Car Shipping is well known for its senior executive and military vehicle delivery services, but United’s’ reputation for other modes of transportation, such as closed vehicle transportation, is no different. If you are shipping a standard or used car, open transport is the best option. Open transport is best suited for standard models and […]

Enclosed Auto Transport Services

Depending on the transport company you choose, you can choose covered vehicle services that have a specific type of configuration (for example, extended ramps, soft side, tail lift, hard side, etc.). Those with high-end luxury vehicles, exotic vehicles, vintage hot rods, and classic cars tend to prefer closed-door couriers over alternative shipping methods. Closed road […]