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    How Does Carmax Auto Shipping Work

    If the vehicle needs to be transported between CarMax stores, CarMax will charge a non-refundable shipping fee. Vehicles sold by CarMax can be returned within 30 days (or 1,500 miles, whichever comes first) for a full refund less shipping. Customers can pick up their car at one of more than 220 CarMax stores, or have it delivered to their home within 60 miles of the store in select markets.

    The new offering also gives customers the opportunity to do more with the car buying process from home and then head to their local CarMax for quick vehicle pick up. In Texas, customers can now go through the entire car-buying process from the comfort of their homes and have the car delivered with the option to test-drive it before buying.

    CarMax customers can also use their own lender and must provide information to these lenders when they begin the car purchase process. Car buyers can apply for pre-approved financing on the CarMax website even if they choose to shop at a CarMax store. Most credit profiles will qualify for funding from CarMax, although people with lower credit may also choose to have a co-borrower.

    If you like the idea of ​​selling your car without participation, CarMax is the best option. Even if you get offers just below retail price, selling through CarMax is convenient and hassle-free, often quicker and easier than trying to sell privately. If you are confident in your knowledge of the car, buying directly from the dealer may be for you, but if you want a smooth middleman then CarMax might be the best idea.

    While it’s easy to sell your car at CarMax, the company makes it clear that they will buy it for less than retail price because they need to inspect and resell it. CarMax will quote you a price, and it has nothing to do with your needs or expectations, but rather what they are willing to pay for the car. CarMax will help you prepare the vehicle for sale and put it up for sale, but the seller and buyer must agree on their prices and complete the sale.

    If your vehicle is nearby, CarMax will arrange for it to be handed over to your local dealer at no charge and without any obligation. Any further, they’ll charge a transfer fee to cover the cost of moving the car you’re driving. If your vehicle is faulty or too large, CarMax may not be able to deliver it and you will need to find another carrier. Whether you need to transport your car because you’re moving to a new city for a new job, or you’re just a seasonal traveler looking to transport your car to a new destination, CarMax can help.

    If you want a stress-free, hassle-free, low-risk car buying experience, CarMax can do it without pressure. Another exciting feature for car buyers is CarMax’s offer to buy back your old car, regardless of its age or condition. The CarMax offer for your used car is the same whether you want to sell it to CarMax or use the equity as a down payment on a CarMax car. If the car meets CarMax’s criteria, CarMax will offer you an instant cash offer for up to 7 days.

    CarMax does not have a maximum mileage limit for cars bought or traded, but cars with high mileage may be auctioned off and not become part of its inventory. Cars and trucks sold through CarMax are primarily low mileage used vehicles that have passed safety, mechanical and cosmetic inspections. CarMax repairs cars it buys to sell to retail customers or auctions to wholesalers. CarMax set out to offer customers the opportunity to purchase a car without games or waste of time, with a fun experience and a reliable guarantee.

    One customer even talked about extending CarMax’s warranty, which covers the cost of several costly repairs right after buying a car from them without bothering them. I did extensive research between CarMax, Carvana and Vroom and while they all offer pretty much the same rules, I chose CarMax because they had multiple physical dealerships where you can send the car you want to test before you buy the car. Also, most of these types of online dealers offer some pretty good deals like 30 day returns, 90 days warranty, etc.

    With over 200 physical stores and the ability to shop online, CarMax is definitely an attractive option for buying used cars. CarMax, Inc., the nation’s largest used car dealer, announced its new custom car buying experience for customers in Virginia, including in Hampton Roads, officials said in a press release. At the end of October, San Antonio, El Paso and McAllen/Farr will also launch CarMaxs for custom vehicle purchases, with home delivery not currently available in Lubbock.

    We recommend placing an order with us 3-10 days before receiving the car, but no more than 2 weeks. After completing the program, you can start preparing your car and looking for CarMax participating locations where you can park your car.

    Request a quote for car delivery. First, you need to contact CarMax, provide them with detailed information about your itinerary and request a free quote. Vehicles come with a free AutoCheck vehicle history report that can be viewed in detail on each vehicle. Since then, the first CarMax has evolved into CarMax.



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