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    Dependable Shipping Options For Collectible Cars

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    United Car Shipping has served over 1,997,230 satisfied customers and has provided reliable car delivery services for over 12 years. Cost of transporting a classic car The distance required to transport a classic car, as well as the make, model, size and weight of the vehicle, determine the cost of transporting the car. According to United Auto Transport, vehicle delivery rates are typically around $ 1.96 per mile for distances less than 500 miles, 93 cents per mile for distances between 500 and 1,500 miles, and 58 cents per mile for distances greater than 1,500 miles. The average cost of a car delivery also depends on the season, distance, transportation method and vehicle type.

    This means that you can get cheap rates for your car delivery from different companies. Some ways to find a low price for vehicle delivery are to look through offers from multiple providers, be flexible on delivery and pick-up dates, and choose open vehicle shipping. When we contacted United to find out the cost of transporting a car, we found that the prices for transporting open cars are lower than almost any other company. Mercury Auto Transport is a nationwide full-service road transport company that connects buyers with reliable vehicle carriers anywhere in the country.

    Some people have many concerns about whether open vehicle transportation is safe, but with GAT’s reliable vehicle delivery, we strive to do our best to ensure the safest vehicle transportation possible.

    There is less than five percent chance that your vehicle will be damaged along the way. Check with your insurance company if the vehicle is insured during transport. No matter how trustworthy the shipping company you are dealing with, remove all personal items or non-factory equipment before shipping.

    Alternatively, you can choose to have your classic car delivered in a closed vehicle for maximum protection. Keep in mind that while indoor road transport usually costs 50% more than outdoor transport, it is generally worth paying to get your classic car fully protected.

    Classic car transportation is necessary if you plan to sell your car, buy a new car for your collection, or if you need to transport a car around the country for display or work with a specialist. However, you can see why delivering a classic (or antique) car can be a somewhat “delicate” task. Often, classic car enthusiasts invest in Fixer Upper and simply send the car to the auto shop (or to their own garage) for repair.

    For such restoration projects, open transport would be the most economical option. While both types can transport your classic car efficiently, open transport is best used when transporting classic cars, which should be projects that have already planned exterior rebuilding, while closed classic transport is the best choice for vehicles in great condition. When you are investing heavily in one-of-a-kind classic car models, you should always turn to reliable couriers for transportation. You want to make sure you find the right car haulage company to transport your priceless antiques.

    If you’re looking for a reliable company to deliver your exotic, luxury, vintage or even remanufactured vehicles, you’ve come to the right place. Finding a reliable and trustworthy company to transport your vehicle can be challenging. If you want the best service for your low-cost vehicle, you need to invest a little more to get your vehicle serviced as it deserves.

    Many trucking companies offer a cost calculator to help you estimate the approximate shipping cost for a classic car. The average cost to deliver a classic car using a closed carrier typically starts at $ 3.40 per mile for up to 100 miles (and $ 1.15 per mile for up to 1,000 miles). While classic car courier rates may differ greatly from the final price you pay, our no-obligation rates are guaranteed so there will be no unwanted surprises. For your convenience, an online calculator is available on the site, with which you can find out the cost of our service for the delivery of exotic cars.

    Video the vehicle that will transport your expensive car during the shipping process. You can also apply to transport vehicles to exhibitions and other exhibitions with care and safety. Our team and representatives inspect all the carriers’ vehicles along the transport network to make sure that the transportation is of high quality and safe, without complications and failures. Our nationwide network of car transporters guarantees fast and reliable delivery of your vehicle.

    Closed transport is the preferred method of delivering classic cars, short haul cars, racing cars and exotics. Closed couriers are the best way to transport classic and exotic vehicles thanks to the increased protection they provide against extreme weather and climatic conditions, as well as falling stones, dirt and other debris.

    For the proper transport of your collectible car, we recommend that you choose a closed box with rigid walls or a luxury / high-end kennel. Increasing the cost of hiring a closed courier that only carries your collectibles also makes it less likely that other vehicles will affect yours. Another thing to keep in mind is that cheaper modes of transportation often mean that your vehicle will be sharing a truck with many other vehicles. In general, regardless of the type of vehicle you ship, the process is the same.

    Vehicle delivery can take from several days to several weeks, depending on the delivery option you choose. Expedited shipping will also cost more as the company reserves a truck seat for your vehicle for a limited period of time. Reliable carriers. This company transports a wide range of vintage and classic vehicles as well as everyday and high performance vehicles. It cooperates with over 10,000 car haulage companies to transport automobiles throughout the country.

    Examples of direct shippers include companies such as Passport Transport or Reliable Carriers. Some select vintage cars are self-selected by couriers using a unique delivery method using single-car trailers or covered car transporters.

    Open car transport is a standard car transport option where the car will be transported with eight other vehicles on an open trailer. Both closed and open road transport offers door-to-door delivery options. Ultimately, both closed and open trucking are viable options for delivering your vehicle.

    You have several options for delivering vintage vehicles, and the type that suits you best will largely depend on your level of comfort and the protection your vehicle needs. If you are buying a luxury or exotic sports car, something of great personal or sentimental value, or submitting a vehicle to auction for sale, you are likely to prefer an enclosed vehicle. If you want to transport an elite or classic car, a car with a low ground clearance or a car with an open interior, transporting closed cars is the best option for you.

    Closed courier delivery usually requires a longer notice to arrange transportation, and this method is more expensive than open courier delivery. While indoor transportation fares are slightly higher than outdoor transportation, this may be your preferred option for exotic or classic vehicles.



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