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    Do I Need Enclosed Car Transport?

    Carriers are not licensed or insured to carry personal or household items, however we understand that some items may need to be placed in a vehicle. In open transport, your vehicle is usually transported on a long double-decker trailer. Open transport is suitable for any type of vehicle and is the best choice if you want to send a standard model or a used vehicle. Open transport often uses large multi-deck trailers capable of carrying up to twelve vehicles in a single shipment.

    Just like one closed car trailer, several car trailers are reserved for expensive vehicles, and the fact that they are closed on all sides protects the cars from the elements during transport.

    Most road transport providers offer their customers the option of delivering their car in a closed vehicle, but this is often more expensive than traditional transport. When it comes to transporting a car, many consider indoor vehicles to be a much safer option than open ones, but this is not entirely true. Although 90% of the road transport market uses open couriers, they may not be suitable for your vehicle.

    In addition, open trailers generally require less fuel than closed transport trailers, so the fuel costs for transporting closed vehicles will further increase the cost of transporting the vehicle.

    Outdoor transportation has the lowest transportation costs, but it is not ideal for vehicle safety. For vehicles with a small footprint, closed transport is necessary to avoid damage to the vehicle. Low-floor vehicles, high-value collectibles or roofless cars make indoor transportation essential.

    However, for special vehicles such as exotic cars, classic cars and classic cars, we recommend that you consider transporting enclosed vehicles. However, open transport does not protect vehicles in the same way as closed services and may not be suitable for specific deliveries. This concept tends to get little coverage when it comes to closed road transport services, but it is actually one of the most common reasons why you might consider shipping your vehicle this way.

    For example, if your vehicle is antique, luxury, classic or has special sentimental value, a closed vehicle may be the smartest choice. Unless you’re shipping a refurbished vintage car or a rare and expensive vehicle, open shipping is usually the best option.

    If you want to choose between closed and open car delivery, balance the cost of your car with the higher price of closed transport. When sending the car, you can choose between open or closed courier delivery of the car. Open road transport is a very efficient way of transporting cars, as couriers can send several cars with one shipment. And since there are so many more open carriers than closed ones, consumers can ship their vehicles faster.

    In closed transport, your vehicle is protected from the elements, as if it were being transported in a garage. The main reason you might be interested in transporting your personal vehicle in an enclosed dump truck is because these types of dump trucks usually provide much more protection during transport. Carriers love open trailers because they offer the maximum profit potential as they can accommodate more vehicles than closed trailers. They are also much cheaper for carriers to invest in expanding their fleets and are cheaper to operate and maintain.

    Use our car delivery calculator and get an instant free quote for open transport, then add 50% to the rate; this is what you are likely to pay for a closed trailer. Open transport is always cheaper, often up to half the cost of closed transport (depending on the additional care required). The open car transport method is also faster, as open car trailers are more common than closed car transporters and require fewer stops during transport.

    Leading road transport companies typically use closed and open couriers, and we’ve reviewed the best auto freight brokers in the country based on cost, service and customer experience. Let’s take a look at some of the best auto shipping companies that offer open and closed shipping (these companies don’t ship in a specific order) depending on the needs of their customers. Each company has thousands of positive reviews from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) ​​and Trustpilot, all of which provide top-notch service for both indoor and outdoor vehicle transportation.

    Request an online quote or call us today to find out why classic car, collectible and show car owners across the country choose us for their door-to-door closed road transport needs. We always strive to deliver your vehicle using our trucks, but if we can ship your vehicle faster with the help of one of our trusted trucking partners, we will. Due to the popularity of this type of road transport, you will also get the best insurance coverage, the most affordable prices, and the choice of litter box when it comes to scheduling pick-up and drop-off dates.

    Road transport companies tend to work hard to meet customer needs and this is one of the main reasons why covered road transport exists as a common service in the road transport industry. All cars are covered during road transport, but if you have a very expensive car for transport and use closed delivery services, the coverage amounts may be higher than if you use open transport. Insurance coverage is likely to be higher with shipping contracts with trucking companies due to the greater likelihood that your vehicle will be of more value. If so, you should apply for a covered road carrier and minimize any potential risk when transporting your vehicle.

    Moving your old vehicle with an open trailer can lead to further malfunctions due to bad weather and circumstances. If your car does not have an awning or canopy, it must be transported in a closed trailer.

    For example, luxury sports cars, racing cars, or other exclusive vehicles may be ideal for indoor transport as these vehicles may need protection due to their cost. Those with expensive luxury cars, exotic cars, vintage hot rods, and classic cars tend to prefer closed-door couriers over alternative delivery methods. Closed car couriers tend to cost twice as much as open couriers, so this delivery method is less popular with consumers, unless they own luxury vehicles that require more security.

    Closed shipping is often the delivery method of choice for owners looking to ship new, antique, collectible or expensive vehicles. Transporting an enclosed vehicle or transporting an enclosed vehicle is a method for vehicles that require protection within an enclosed trailer. Many companies that use fully enclosed trailers (also known as enclosed car carriers) to transport vehicles can only move one vehicle at a time.



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