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    Enclosed Auto Transport Services

    Depending on the transport company you choose, you can choose covered vehicle services that have a specific type of configuration (for example, extended ramps, soft side, tail lift, hard side, etc.). Those with high-end luxury vehicles, exotic vehicles, vintage hot rods, and classic cars tend to prefer closed-door couriers over alternative shipping methods. Closed road carriers tend to cost twice as much as open ones, so this shipping method is less popular with consumers unless they own luxury vehicles that need more safety. Since low-cost road transport services are usually provided by open couriers, the vast majority of non-working vehicles are delivered in open trucks.

    Air carriers use trucks and trailers to transport your vehicle as safely and safely as possible, and many reputable trucking companies have insurance to cover the cost of any damage in the process. A single car trailer is one of the safest and most reliable ways to transport a car. Enclosed car transport trailers are completely enclosed trucks that will protect your vehicle from the road and weather during transportation.

    Closed road transport or covered road transport means that the vehicle will be sealed in the trailer all the way. This not only provides protection and safety to the vehicle, but often requires a higher level of maintenance and attention. This protects your vehicle in the unlikely event that it could be damaged in transit.

    Whether you’re traveling in a collectible or classic car, you won’t find a safer way of transportation than our closed vehicles service. If you plan on transporting a vehicle that is very low off the ground, most enclosed car transporters will also have hydraulic lifting gates or long ramps extended to easily load the vehicle with low ground clearance. This makes closed shipping at least 50% more expensive than open shipping.

    When a covered carrier can load one to four vehicles for delivery, an open carrier can carry up to nine or ten vehicles at a time. Many companies that use a fully enclosed trailer (also known as an enclosed car transporter) to transport a vehicle only move one car at a time.

    With more care, more insurance coverage and fewer vehicles moving with closed trailers for transportation; this option is often more expensive. All vehicles are covered during road transport, but if you have a very expensive vehicle to ship and use the included delivery services, the coverage amounts may be higher than if you were using open transport. If you want to choose between closed or open automatic delivery, balance the cost of your vehicles with the higher price of closed transport.

    Vehicle Specifications – The larger and heavier the vehicle to ship, the more expensive the delivery service will be, again due to the challenges that couriers have to overcome to ensure they are transported safely. Despite the fact that closed transport is more expensive, repairing the vehicle will cost you much more if it is damaged due to weather conditions (of course, the insurance will cover the damage, but filling out all the paperwork and repairing the car). The main advantage of using covered road transport over other options (for example, open courier transport) is that it provides the highest level of security and additional protection.

    It currently has over 300 couriers on board, so if you want to always know where your car is, ask for this feature when booking your transportation. United’s guaranteed delivery dates make a big difference if you have a busy schedule and the included courier check is the best option. Shippers Inc. is another closed carrier that has been providing clients with impeccable service for the past 9 years.

    They have great customer service and timely communication. Robert Meisel 5.0 I have moved several cars around the country and Montway was the best of them. No one else offers you the best combination of reasonable prices, safe drivers and customer satisfaction.

    American Auto Shipping offers free car rentals in the event of excessive delays, and we have built-in protocols to dissuade carriers from delays in delivering our customers’ vehicles. You can also contact our dedicated covered vehicle delivery consultants directly by phone, live chat or email. Therefore, to make sure you get the very best covered road transport services, we turn to our network of trusted, reliable and proven closed road carriers that will meet your needs. Request an online quote or give us a call today to find out why we are choosing classic cars, collectible cars and show cars across the country for their door-to-door transportation needs of enclosed vehicles.

    Let’s take a look at some of the best road shipping companies that may offer both open and closed transport depending on the needs of the customers (the companies do not ship in any particular order). Both closed and open couriers are commonly used by leading shipping companies, and we’ve reviewed the best auto brokers in the country for cost, service, and customer experience. We looked at some of the most reputable road haulage companies that deliver closed or open vehicles and ranked them based on overall value, quality and customer service.

    If open road carriers are the backbone of the road transport industry today, closed carriers are certainly top tier carriers. Closed couriers work differently than open couriers, even if their job is the same: they transport cars.

    Closed transport trailers are commonly used for high-value vehicles, specialized sports cars, and anything else you don’t want to be on the open road. Understand that your vehicle will be exposed to open traffic weather and will not be protected from road debris.

    If this is the option you think you need, be sure to mention it when you first contact a closed car transport company. The open car delivery method is also faster, as open car trailers are more common than closed pet carriers and require fewer stops along the way. Safeport Inc. offers customized closed car delivery nationwide and specializes in the transport of racing cars with extremely low ground clearance (e.g. 0.25 inches).

    With shipping included, the broker can save you around $ 30 on average for shipping. A broker is a great choice if you want your valuable vehicle to be delivered safely, quickly and economically.

    If the courier transporting your vehicle is not responsible for on-time delivery, they have no financial incentive to deliver your vehicle on time. This leaves the transport company little time to arrange delivery using transport methods that are more efficient (for example, with a fully loaded trailer). This collection period is usually 3-5 days for most vehicles that need to be sent by open courier; collection of closed transport can take from one week to ten days. This means that, whenever possible, the removal service will pick up and deliver your vehicles to your home, office, or any other designated location.



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