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    How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car To Alaska

    The cost of delivering a vehicle to Alaska may vary based on availability and demand, seasonality, vehicle make and model, carrier type, vehicle availability and of course, total distance. If you plan to ship a larger car to Alaska, the price will always be slightly higher than the shipping cost of any average car. However, keep in mind that buying a car in Alaska can be more expensive than on the mainland, since shipping is already included in the price of the car. For full size vehicles in most parts of the country, shipping a car to AK will set you back between $3,000 and $4,000.

    Currently, shipping a car from Seattle to Anchorage, Alaska costs $2,035, while shipping a full-size SUV or truck costs $2,435. If your vehicle is traveling to Alaska from a city other than Tacoma, Washington, additional transportation costs will be required to transport your vehicle by truck from any city other than Tacoma to the Port of Seattle.

    The above rates include the cost of delivery from Tacoma as well as the cost of trucking from Tacoma, Washington to the respective cities in California. Alaska car shipping quotes should give a clearer picture of average prices for vehicles moving between states like Washington, Florida and Hawaii and Alaskan cities like Anchorage, Fairbanks and Juneau.

    USship’s online marketplace offers an impressive array of vehicle delivery options, connecting customers with a network of truckers who bid on their deliveries. We researched the best car shipping companies in Alaska and based on that, we determined that Easy Auto Ship and uShip are some of the best options in the industry.

    Our Alaska auto-delivery services are reliable and affordable, providing excellent value for money for customers who need to move their cars, pickups or SUVs. Our long and close relationship with Alaska dump truck drivers allows us to minimize costs for our clients. We can simplify your transfer and reduce shipping costs from Alaska to Hawaii by offering multiple weekly flights using our full carrier network across the United States.

    We at eShip Transport offer regular vehicle transportation between the ports of Anchorage AK and Tacoma with standard travel times of 66-72 hours. Standard door-to-door car delivery services to Alaska via a trucking carrier. Terminal-to-terminal delivery allows trucking companies to deliver entire shipments from one location to another, reducing overall costs.

    While the cost of end-to-end delivery may seem cheaper than door-to-door delivery, the cost of terminal storage and the inconvenience of having to haul the vehicle to the warehouse yourself makes this an expensive and cumbersome option. The service is typically used in situations where the vehicle driver cannot easily drop off the vehicle, such as in city centers, apartment buildings, and busy streets. If you’re shipping a car to Alaska, places like downtown Anchorage often use door-to-stop delivery due to traffic and possibly parked cars.

    For example, with door-to-door delivery, we can pick up your car from a dealer in Texas and deliver it to your home in Seattle. Once your vehicle has been delivered to our Anchorage location, it will be shipped by barge or dump truck across Canada. Your car will be loaded onto a truck, transported along with other vehicles and delivered to your destination.

    The transport company determines the cost of transporting your vehicle based on the size of the vehicle being transported, the distance, the type of service required, and how quickly you need the vehicle to reach your destination. Factors that affect the cost of shipping a car include the distance the car will need to travel, the size of the car, and the method of delivery.

    Number of cars. Of course, shipping more than one car will cost you more, although you can get a discount on the total cost. Shipping small cars like the Ford Escape or Kia Sportage will cost you less than the Ford F-150 or Chevrolet Silverado.

    The average cost of delivering a car across the country is $1,300, while a trip within the state will cost you an average of $500 (with a drive of 150 miles or less). Due to our location and the need to ship or transport everything by air, our spending on goods and services is much higher than the state average. Average Car Delivery Cost Although the cost of car delivery depends on a number of factors, you can expect car shipping rates to range from approximately $500 for short and interstate shipments to over $1,700 for nationwide transportation.

    Air freight will cost you up to $100 if you’re shipping your car to an international destination, and less if you’re shipping your car within the continental United States (such as Hawaii or Alaska). While the cheapest option for delivering a car is not to use delivery services and drive the car yourself, this would be too tiring and difficult, especially when commuting long distances. While the cost of delivering a car to Alaska fluctuates based on market price, time of year, and driver availability, you can be sure that you won’t find a smarter, more efficient vehicle transport in Alaska than Alaska Vehicle Transport.

    Our rates vary, but small sedans can be shipped from Anchorage to Southern California for as little as $1,800. You can send your car, motorhome, boat, motorcycle, classic car or even heavy equipment anywhere in the world with our shipping. April 28, 2021 *The average international shipping range is $1,000 to $5,000 for shipping by sea, but the final price can range from $750 for a small car delivery by boat to $40,000 for an SUV delivery via More Alaska Marine Highway and see the Alaska Marine Highway Overview page for its various routes.



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