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    Improve Safety When Shipping An Exotic Vehicle

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    Additional clips and straps will prevent your vehicle from moving during transport without damaging the vehicle itself. Quite professional if you are transporting your vehicle in a closed pet carrier. Only with a closed car transporter on the hard side can the transport company ensure that the elements will not disturb your vehicle. A covered truck will be more expensive, but protecting your vehicle from the elements may be worth it, especially if you have a luxury or classic vehicle.

    Also, keep in mind that delivery to the countryside can be more expensive than to a large city, Dave says, so it might be worth driving to pick up the car.

    One way to get competitive prices and still make sure your vehicle is taken care of is to choose a shipping service that specializes in transporting vehicles. They don’t ship cars – they charge a fee to find a suitable carrier and negotiate fares. Carriers do the real job of collecting your vehicle and delivering it to your chosen destination.

    They may lead you to believe that they will be transporting your vehicle in their own truck, when in fact they will be acting as an intermediary with another carrier. Let’s say you ask a less reputable trucking broker about strict parameters for pickup or delivery dates, and they tell you they can. Because shipping companies never guarantee them, for obvious reasons.

    Car delivery is a demanding task that should be trusted only by a reliable supplier of road transport. Whether you are transporting vehicles internationally or short distances to a customer in Europe, you need to pay special attention to luxury vehicles when shipping in containers. Transporting luxury vehicles by container requires a special approach. Although 90% of the road transport market uses open couriers, they may not be suitable for your vehicle.

    Open transport often uses large multi-deck trailers capable of carrying up to twelve vehicles in a single shipment. In the case of open transport, the vehicle is usually transported on a long double-decker trailer.

    We can deliver vintage and exotic vehicles from your location to the port in an open truck or with the added security of an enclosed vehicle. When delivering cars within the country, your vehicle moves non-stop with an intermodal service to our terminal throughout the country. We transport vehicles internationally from all states, so you can contact us for any such service. We will take all possible security measures to send your vehicle safe and sound.

    When it comes to delivering your vehicle, the right transportation service can take that chore off your plate. This type of transport service knows how to get your vehicle to your place in perfect condition. When considering the offers you receive to ship your vehicle, you must keep in mind the money you will save.

    Your gas costs will increase because more energy is required to move the vehicle and the trailer attached to it. In addition, if instead of picking up the vehicle yourself, you choose a door-to-door service, the total shipping cost will increase. By its very nature, shipping an exotic car by closed courier will cost you more.

    Outdoor transportation has the lowest transportation costs, but it is not ideal for vehicle safety. On the other hand, when the vehicle is closed, the vehicle is locked inside a fully enclosed trailer, which provides greater safety. Transportation in a closed vehicle is not much more expensive than an open trailer, but it can save you from possible damage or invaluable loss.

    Covered road transport is the closest guarantee that your car will be delivered safe and sound. Moving your vehicle is risky, so the transport service of your choice must take all precautions to ensure that your vehicle arrives at its destination without damage. A reliable transport service will have insurance to protect themselves and you.

    Do not pay a deposit / mediation / administration fee until they assign your vehicle to the carrier. This is where all licensed road carriers will see that your vehicle is ready to be shipped. Or, if you purchased door-to-door delivery, please confirm the location.

    Your shipping company will most likely offer a closed or open delivery service. While you can definitely choose an open carrier to transport your exotic vehicle, this method is not recommended for maximum safety and protection. An open trunk will transport your exotic car with little or no protection from the elements, flying objects, animals, etc.

    For vehicles with a small footprint, closed transport is necessary to avoid damage to the vehicle. Low-rise vehicles, high-value collectibles or roofless vehicles necessitate indoor transport. However, open transport does not protect vehicles in the same way as closed services, and may not be suitable for specific deliveries. Vehicles transported by the included delivery method are reliably protected from the outside world within the walls of the courier.

    The shipment of exotic vehicles is mainly carried out in closed containers as they are properly sealed and protected from all external influences. If your car is quite luxurious, you can also use soft covered roof racks for this. Since you are looking to ship your luxury vehicle, we strongly recommend that you select the enclosed option.

    Again, since indoor transportation is always preferable for exotic vehicles, make sure they offer this service. These exit services are generally more expensive than using a car transporter, but can provide more control over the timeline as the driver does not need to make additional stops to load or unload other vehicles.

    Truck delivery is the most popular option (if you count commercial and private delivery together), but it is not the only option. The best car transport companies offer both indoor and outdoor transport services. In addition, some companies provide white glove transport options for transporting closed vehicles. This mode of transportation is ideal for all types of vehicles and is a great option if you plan to transport a standard car or a brand new car.

    The enclosed space for the car’s transport also means that the car has more safety and protection. Closed vehicle drivers are also more experienced in transporting high-end car models. The benefits of open delivery include faster and cheaper transportation. Super Dispatch offers automatic transportation software that makes it easy for couriers and shippers to move vehicles using both delivery options.

    Here are the different ways to ship your vehicle and the main factors to consider when making your decision. The experts at Mercury Auto Transport have prepared this article to give you an overview of the relationships between your vehicles, the different types of trucking companies, brokers and carriers, and how the process should work. Below is an overview of how our company works, so you know what to expect during the shipment.

    For more information on container shipping and our products, download our free e-book, The Containerized Car Transport Guide. We’ll help shed some light on the shipping costs you can pay and give you peace of mind that your exotic vehicle is safe throughout your journey. We will analyze the differences between indoor and outdoor road transport to help you choose what works best for your vehicle.



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