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    The Mini SE (a vehicle with a plug-in electric drivetrain shoved in the middle of a gas-powered vehicle) is sort of the snack bar for Minis future. Like almost every carmaker, Mini is working to develop a specialized EV platform for their upcoming vehicles. Mini is getting ready to roll out a whole bunch of new models, most of which will come in all-electric form. The future of the Mini brand is EV, and the recently launched Cooper SE convertible shows what the company is considering going forward.

    Despite the commitment from some other models from Mini to maintain the internal combustion alternative around the US, the next-generation Mini Cooper is going to be fully electric, but it is going to take a different approach from the current fully electric Mini Cooper SE, which has been available for a couple years now. Future cars will include a convertible Mini Electric, which pushes technology forward while maintaining its heritage and brand identity. The new MINI Electric will move onto a custom-built platform, to deliver all of the benefits associated with custom-built EVs. The upcoming fourth-generation New MINI will come in both gasoline and all-electric forms, as is the case with the current cars, but that is about the extent of similarities.

    Petrol versions of the next-fourth-generation New MINI will still be built in Oxford, with the EV models being built in China thanks to a deal between BMW and Great Wall Motors, makers of Ora Cat. The new electric MINI is set to be assembled in China via a joint venture between parent BMW Group and Great Wall Motors. The specialized electrical architecture, and thus this car itself, will not be built in Germany or Britain, but rather, by Great Wall Motor for its Mini sister-brand, in China, which is another first for the brand. A MINI-only electrically-powered model gives Mini the unique ability to redefine its designs.

    If you are unsure of electric vehicles, MINI has tried to make their designs look as conventional as possible. As to what his next car is going to be, Mike Peyton said, It is certainly going to be more of this modern take on something people might have seen and expected to come out of Mini. The concept is not planned for serial production, but is a unique specimen showing how the journey towards a fully electric premium brand can continue, as well as bringing electrification to the sporty, open-air driving of classics for the future, Mini said.

    As newly-electrified brand MINI looks to further electrify its current model lineup, it has unveiled a new concept that serves as a sneak peek at the model of the future, which will come in the form of MINIs first ever all-electric crossover, the Aceman. MINI shared early images and more design details for the new Aceman concept in todays press release, characterising the new EV as the bridge between its fully-electric MINI Cooper SE and the Countryman. Newly electrified, MINI has unveiled a new concept called Aceman — a design preview of its next-generation EV models for the premium small-car segment. The MINI brands EV lineup will eventually expand to include an EV crossover.

    For 2022, the 2022 Mini Cooper Electric benefits from many of the same updates made for the gasoline-powered Mini hardtop and convertible. The 2022 Mini Cooper Electric is also available with adaptive cruise control and new 16- and 17-inch wheel designs. While the 2022 Mini Cooper Electric has shorter-than-average range, it makes up for this deficiency by being both more affordable and more fun to drive than many other small electric cars.

    In size and form, the Mini Electric is just like every other 3-door Mini hatchback, plus it has the looks and badges of the sports-oriented Cooper S models, but its 32-kWh battery pack and EV motor help it go up to 145 miles between charges. If you are concerned about how fast the Mini Electric is, there is no need: It can do the zero-to-62mph sprint in a mere 7.3 seconds, almost as quick as the sportsy Cooper S models. In a city, that means quick swerving into and out of traffic, and on the back roads, the Electric feels downright fast, as well as enjoyable, thanks to good grip and fast, accurate steering. Above all, The MINI Electric is a joy to drive, with 181bhp and 270nm of torque generated from its front-mounted electric motor sufficient to get the little hatchback from 0-62mph in just 7.2 seconds.

    The fully electric Mini Cooper has an engine producing 181hp and 199lb-ft of torque, which is powered by a 28.9kWh battery. The all-electric Mini Cooper has a driving range of 110 miles when fully charged, significantly lower than competitors like the Bolt EV and the Nissan Leaf. Compared with the Mini E, a limited-production battery-electric car that Mini loaned out to several hundred customers in the U.S. in 2008, acceleration, power, and range are virtually identical, but the battery pack in the new Mini Electric takes up less passenger space; the Mini Es battery pack takes up all the backseat and the cargo area. The Cooper E would have a 40-kWh battery that would provide about 190 miles of range, with power coming from an electric 182-hp motor — a smaller, 50-ish-mile increase in useful range over the current cars 145-mile range with its 32.6-kWh battery and same 182-hp motor.

    While 2022s Mini Cooper Electric did not receive any cost increases over last years model, it does now come standard with a 8.8-inch touchscreen, heated steering wheel, lane-departure warning, and more.

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