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    Shipping A Non-Running Vehicle

    Ask the company representatives directly if they are willing to send a vehicle that is not in working order and how they treat these vehicles. Once you have found a car transport company to transport your vehicle, you want to contact a company representative to make sure they offer non-working car delivery services. Most companies know that many classic cars go to a repair shop for processing or repair, but having the vehicle work will save you money and leave open options with whichever shipping company you can deliver with.

    As you can see, shipping a non-working classic car will be a little more difficult and expensive than shipping a working car. You will need to have your classic car repaired or send it with a flatbed truck / tow truck company that has winches that can pull the car up the ramp onto the trailer. Loading an unusable vehicle onto a trailer requires a winch, and companies that actually specialize in delivering classic cars almost always have one available. In most cases, body damage will not affect the transportation of your classic car, but if body damage is so severe that the wheels cannot roll, your car will usually need to be transported on a tow truck or rollback truck. equipped with winch and wedge trailer.

    If the vehicle does not roll, brake or turn, this will significantly complicate the delivery process. Be sure to contact our car delivery representatives to check important information, such as whether there is help with loading and unloading if your car is not rolling or steerable. The trucking company cannot properly assist you in transporting your vehicle if they do not know that it is not working.

    In order to safely load and deliver your non-working vehicle, the shipping company must be aware of what it is doing and what needs to be done. Automated shipping companies use a different method of loading a vehicle for shipment because it cannot be driven onto a carrier. Most vehicle shipments are made through terminals, although emergency vehicles cannot be delivered to the terminal, so a door-to-door service is the only option where the carrier picks up the vehicle from the point of departure and delivers it to the specified point.

    If your vehicle is at your home, we will need to make special arrangements to find a carrier that can handle the transfer from terminal to terminal. Boston Car Transport’s standard shipping method is Direct Car Delivery, which means we can deliver your car right to your front door. In some cases, our trucks may not reach your route, so we will allow you to choose a more convenient drop off location.

    The first thing you can do to make transporting your car easier is to book your transport as soon as possible. You can get better car delivery deals and take advantage of your preferred pickup and drop-off schedule by booking in advance.

    Regardless of the type of car you need to send, please inform the service in advance so that they can match you with the right courier at the right price. If your vehicle is out of service, be sure to let Ultimate Auto Shipping know when you call us for pricing or fill out the free form on our website; therefore, we will not order your shipment from a conventional carrier instead of one equipped with a winch, which may result in longer waiting times and possibly cancellation of the order. Don’t worry, we can make sure you don’t go broke on having the right truck driver and car carrier. With all these expenses in mind, you should swallow the numbers and consider getting the car repaired before you ship it.

    If you incorrectly declare your vehicle to avoid paying extra money, you are likely to run into problems as your representative will send a courier without a winch to pick up your vehicle. Avoid gambling with a trucking company trying to disguise your non-working vehicle as a serviceable vehicle due to the costs incurred on it; this may result in the company deploying a carrier that does not have a winch at your location. When they come to you and the trucking company found that your car is not in working order, they will not transport it, as they arrive without a winch, which means you wasted your trip and this may cause your order to be canceled, as well as from them there is an additional charge for the inconvenience, and some drivers may even get upset about it.

    Since moving a non-working vehicle requires more time, additional or skilled labor, and specialized equipment, it is simply more expensive to ship a non-working vehicle. Not all companies have the appropriate equipment and skills when it comes to shipping a non-working vehicle. Some freight forwarding companies do not have the necessary equipment to transport unserviceable vehicles, as the standard components on trucks are not enough for this process. The main thing to be aware of when shipping a car to Hawaii is that not all shipping companies will offer a service to deliver unserviceable vehicles due to the frequent request for special equipment (a piece of equipment called a winch) when trying to load a non-working vehicle into a vehicle. means in a vehicle, since vehicles do not come with it.

    However, shipping a car that won’t start or drive will require a little more research and a little more preparation. Whichever option you choose, you want the most convenient, hassle-free and safest option to transport your vehicle safely.



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