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    Top Enclosed Car Transport Companies

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    You can check out our other 25 best road transport companies, or if you’re ready to get started with the shipping process, get a quote for a professional road transport service you can trust. Whether you need your vehicle for fast delivery or are looking to drop a cheaper deal, the best way to find a road shipper is to contact a road transport broker. Many forwarders have cargo insurance that will cover your vehicle in the event of damage during transit.

    All vehicles are covered during road transport, but if you have a very expensive vehicle to ship and use the included delivery services, the coverage amounts may be higher than if you were using open transport. The average cost of shipping a vehicle depends on factors such as vehicle size and condition, distance, outdoor or indoor transportation, and the season.

    If you want to transport standard or used cars, open transportation is the best choice. Open transportation is most suitable for standard cars and second-hand cars, while closed trailers provide higher safety for the contents and prevent damage during transportation. Cars shipped with the included option are shipped on a covered trailer, which usually contains two vehicles.

    Ship A Car Direct only ships vehicles to the United States and can ship them to your home, office or other convenient location. United Auto Transport also provides expedited transportation services at an extra charge for those who cannot find time to move their vehicles on a busy schedule. DAS Auto Transport provides all transportation services for your vehicle: from closed and expedited delivery to high school and student delivery. Alpine works with more than 10,000 road transportation companies to transport customers’ vehicles anywhere in the United States.

    United was founded in 2004 and is based in San Jose, California, and is a broker / carrier with the ability to ship vehicles using their equipment or another company when needed. The company has a fully licensed ship broker, domestic freight forwarder and real estate broker. The company has its own open trucks and partners with other open and closed trucking companies to transport vehicles in all 50 states. The closed vehicle drivers that the company works with are the best in the business with years of experience delivering various types of vehicles, from very rare vintage cars to exotic show cars.

    The company will transport multiple types of vehicles, including classic cars, motorcycles and heavy equipment. Options include door-to-door or terminal delivery of cars, trucks, boats, RVs, and motorcycles.

    CarsArrive Auto Relocation Read 97 reviews of door-to-door and end-to-end delivery. National Auto Shipping Read 34 comments Transport cars and motorcycles throughout the United States, including Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico.

    Easy Auto Ship Share your experience with this company Provides road transport solutions nationwide. Easy Auto Ship strives to make the moving process as easy as possible for the customer – from receiving an online quote to the final balance of shipping.

    Ship A Car Directs customer service representatives are renowned for their efficiency, helpfulness and professionalism. It is also a professional and reliable car transport company since 2008, as evidenced by their ratings. Since they are experts in road transport, you can entrust them with closed road transport, no matter how expensive your vehicle is. They have great customer service and timely communication.

    Fabrizio R. 5.0 I don’t have enough words to share my great experience. Robert Meisel 5.0 I have moved several cars around the country and United was the best of them.

    They offer a full range of handling services including packing, unpacking, loading, unloading, garbage disposal and customized packing solutions. While trucking companies can offer many services, indoor and outdoor car transport are the most in demand. Whether you’re traveling in a collectible or classic car, you won’t find a safer way of transportation than our closed vehicles service. Insurance companies understand that included shipping is the safest way to get your vehicle from A to B with little risk of damage or theft.

    In fact, many companies that insure car carriers offer a discount to companies that use trucks for transportation, and in turn pass those savings on to you.

    Those with high-end luxury cars, exotic cars, vintage hot rods, and classic cars tend to prefer closed-door couriers over alternative shipping methods. While open road carriers are the backbone of the road transport industry today, closed carriers are certainly top tier carriers. Closed couriers work differently than open couriers, even if their job is the same: they transport cars. Simply put, an open shipping container is open at the sides, allowing access to all transportation elements.

    Many companies that use a fully enclosed trailer (also known as an enclosed car transporter) to transport a vehicle only move one car at a time. Delivery is often not the best solution for people with inexpensive cars. With a smaller customer base and lower demand, closed carriers do not have as many opportunities to work in the automotive transport industry as open shippers, which means they have to charge more per mile and per vehicle. Compared to their open magazine counterparts.

    Let’s take a look at some of the best road shipping companies that may offer both open and closed transport depending on the needs of the customers (the companies do not ship in any particular order). Below you can find a quick helpful guide to the different types of closed road transport and a list of the top 20 companies offering the best indoor road transport in the country. Here are some of the best transport companies we work with in 2021 based on their vehicle shipping rates and website versus vehicle shipping information.

    After examining all the major road transport providers, our team of experts found that DAS Auto Transport, United and Alpine Auto Transport are some of the best transport companies in the road transport industry. Like other vehicles on our list, Direct Express is a broker that works with a variety of car transporters to find the best delivery option for customers. United is also a popular shipping company that offers both open and closed transportation, as well as door-to-door delivery in all 50 states. Shippers Inc. is another closed carrier that has been providing clients with impeccable service for the past 9 years.

    Alpine is well known for its car delivery services for senior and military personnel, however, United’ reputation for other modes of transportation, such as closed car transport, is no different. Interestingly, Sherpa’s closed freight rates are relatively among the best in the road transport industry.

    More than half a million cars are stolen each year in the United States and $ 4.5 billion is lost as a result, so any additional security that can be provided is a good investment when considering a closed trucking company. The company understands that the transport of closed vehicles must guarantee an impeccable service.



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