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    Does The Military Ship Your Car For Free?

    The military can usually pay the postage for sending the vehicle overseas. The military can ship your vehicle for free if you are a) an active military member and b) have received a Permanent Station Change (PCS) order. The military will only ship your vehicle free of charge if you are an active military personnel at the time of application and have received a Permanent Change of Service (PCS) order. In this case, the military will pay for the delivery of a personal vehicle (POV).

    Yes, you will usually find a large number of discounts and credits just for you if you are an active military member. In case a) a military man is currently on duty and b) you have PCS orders, your car can be transported free of charge. If you are an active duty soldier and have received a Permanent Station Change (PCS) order, you should be aware that you are allowed to send your Personal Vehicle (POV) overseas and back. Best of all, it can be sent at no personal cost as long as you meet the eligibility requirements and follow the necessary steps.

    For military or air force personnel, the POV must arrive at the port of shipment 30 days after departure for shifts of less than one year and 90 days for tours lasting more than one year. In this case, your POV will be eligible for shipment if you have at least 12 months for service at an overseas gas station from the time it was delivered to the port of loading. POVs of Navy and Marine Corps personnel will be accepted when they have at least 12 months left to serve at their current overseas service station after the vehicle has arrived at the port of loading. Military personnel making permanent transfers (PCS) from one service station to another have certain rights, and there are limited powers to transport POV vehicles (private vehicles) within the CONUS, when the soldier is unable to drive for health reasons, has a port change registration or not enough time to drive.

    The government will pay to get the vehicle to its final destination if your overseas installation allows. Don’t assume that you can bring a car, truck, or easily transport an overseas vehicle into the United States.

    Any reputable trucking company will advise you that the entire process of delivering your vehicle to the nearest gas station should be simple and convenient. Paying a car haulage company might mean a little less money than having to start up your new station, but paying for a car delivery takes another headache off. Well, car delivery will cost depending on the category of service you intend to use.

    If you have an overseas installation to ship vehicles, the government will pay to ship the vehicle. There are several companies that will deliver vehicles across the continental United States and deliver door-to-door deliveries, making it easy to ship government cargo to one of the few selected shipping ports. But if you are planning to send your second vehicle overseas, you will need to coordinate with a vehicle that understands the unique needs of the military. You can either send your primary vehicle for free and then buy a second one at the location where you moved, or pay the full cost of transporting the second vehicle.

    It only takes a few seconds of your time and before you know it, you will know the shipping cost for your vehicle. We will deliver your vehicle to your destination at the best possible price, so call us at 800-930-7417 or fill out our free online quote form to receive a quote. When you need to ship a vehicle, call Road Transport number 1 and get a $ 50 discount on any of our auto delivery services.

    To provide you with the best possible service, American Auto Shipping offers our No Damage or We Help Pay Guarantee. If your vehicle is damaged during transit and the carrier’s insurance does not cover it, we will help you pay for your personal insurance deductible. For any damage, American Auto Shipping will provide you with a comprehensive insurance package for the courier to file a claim.

    If American Auto Shipping, for any reason, is unable to ship a customer’s vehicle (s) during the listing period, the customer may cancel in writing at any time for any reason and the fee will be canceled. If AAS does not ship your vehicle within the quote period at the agreed price, AAS will refund the advance payment in full and we will cancel the shipment.

    We will call you to confirm the date of receipt and to advise you of the next steps in the delivery of military equipment. You can also call, email or chat to get in touch with our PCS military equipment delivery consultants.

    For this reason, we are offering a discount to any soldier who receives a PCS order and needs a POV delivery. This is why we are proud to offer a discount to active military personnel on Private Vehicle Dispatch (POV) or Home Moving. We have over 10 years of experience with the military and our staff have the knowledge you can trust when shipping your vehicle. We are also a government registered contractor, so we have experience in the delivery of military vehicles and the transport of private vehicles (POV) that have been manufactured at various military stations.

    Although we are not directly involved in international car delivery, we can help you with all of your PCS journeys within the continental United States. We also help move home goods by forging strategic relationships with economic movers and road transport providers in the industry. Second, our military vehicle delivery services are designed to take the stress out of moving your vehicle.

    In addition to military discounts, also see how long a particular transport company has been dealing with the military, after all, only experts will know the essence of the job. Look at your vehicle delivery needs, what time slots are convenient for you, how much you can increase your budget, what you will have and what you will not need help with, etc.

    If you are an active duty soldier and have received an order or have been sent to a different station and need to send your vehicle to a new station. Getting your vehicle from base to base is an easy task because many families automatically ship their cars when they receive a PC.



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