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    If you’re a classic car collector and want to have your cars transported to an out-of-state car dealership, you can look for a closed car transport company that offers wholesale prices and discount plans. Now that you know how to send a car to a car dealership, it is imperative to be very careful when looking for a moving company, as you must have invested a lot of money in your car. If a trucking company has trucking as one of its services, then you have a different level of security, since you will be dealing with someone who has done this several times already. Given that the condition of your vehicle is critical to its value, transport protection is a matter for the transport company to decide.

    If this applies to the company of your choice, you will be responsible for transporting or transporting the unusable vehicle from its place of origin to the carrier’s designated terminal. In some cases, it is necessary to transport the car in advance in order to have access to the car when you need it. Transporting cars to car dealerships can sometimes be quite challenging when it comes to timing and schedules. Whether you’re planning to attend local shows or travel around the country, transporting your collectible car is always an important pre-show planning decision.

    Getting you and your collector car safely to the next show should always be your preferred mode of transportation. If you can’t drive, you can tow the trailer yourself or hire a transportation company.

    However, when delivering expensive custom vehicles, you should use a specialized trucking company. Also, if you’re looking for a more personal experience, try using a single car trailer service provider who delivers your vehicle. If the use of transportation services is associated with excessive costs or a trust issue, trailer towing may be the best option.

    Shipping a car in an open trailer can be the cheapest option, but also the most risky. Shipping a car seems like an expensive undertaking, although it has its advantages. Express shipping is available if you need it, and Budget can also carry cars, motorcycles, and boats. This can be achieved by arranging scheduled transportation with a car delivery company or even towing your classic car from point A to point B yourself.

    Trailers for one or two cars are available and are often used when shipping a rare, vintage or expensive vehicle. On the other hand, an open trailer can carry up to 12 standard vehicles.

    While an indoor car trailer may be the same size as an open car trailer, it carries fewer vehicles due to the enclosed walls. When the vehicle is closed in this way, it provides the safest and most reliable environment for the transport vehicle. This way, your auto parts will be safely stored in your car on an enclosed car carrier.

    Covered transportation will protect your car and keep it clean as you travel. Non-stackable transport is also a good option if you want your classic car to be completely clean before the show.

    If your vehicle is not yet in need of restoration, we recommend that you use covered delivery, which will keep your vehicle in a covered trailer while traveling. We recommend that you look for a service that offers closed transportation, has a history of vintage car delivery, and provides pre-tracking and insurance information. Considering how valuable these vehicles are, you should always rely on a reputable company that handles transportation.

    Carriers are companies with their own fleet, but finding a company that has the delivery times, routes, and covered trailer options you might need for your classic car can be like finding a needle in a haystack. However, you can see why delivering a classic (or antique) car can be a somewhat “delicate” task. For example, we at Corsia Logistics specialize in this type of transportation and have transported hundreds of vehicles to various exhibitions over the years. If you are the proud owner of not one, but two, maybe three or four classic cars, you might want to take them all to the next classic car show because multiple car deliveries are usually possible.

    Vintage car shipping is one of the safest ways to get your car to and from non-local dealerships, but that doesn’t mean you can pick the cheapest transportation option and stop there. Cost of transporting a classic car The distance required to transport a classic car, as well as the make, model, size and weight of the vehicle determine the cost of transporting a car.

    If you’re wondering how much it will cost to transport your classic car to an upcoming show and back home, use our instant online quote calculator. If you are planning to bring your classic car to the show and would like to learn more about our enclosed car shipping services, please do not hesitate to contact us, if you are wondering about our shipping costs we have an instant online quote calculator. Override service.

    The management of our company-owned trucks allows us to provide exhibition vehicle transport services no matter where you are and in which showroom you would like to display your vehicle. Request an online quote or call us today to find out why we are the nation’s choice for your door-to-door closed road transportation needs for vintage, collectible and show car owners. If you would like to request shipping information for a display vehicle, please call TFX International today or get a free quote online.

    If you are not towing your vehicle, it is recommended that you provide written instructions to the responsible truck driver. Before meeting with the carrier, make sure you have a clear idea of ​​where to leave and pick up your vehicle; If you are aware of any obstacles that may make the return difficult, please inform the shipping company to prevent any problems from occurring.

    Therefore, to make sure everything goes smoothly and your vehicle arrives on time, we suggest that you start the work of delivering your vehicle 10 days before the show. If you are shipping your car for the first time, it is important to remember that the dealership will start at the scheduled time and date, whether your car has arrived or not. It may also depend on the time of year when the vehicle is shipped.

    To ensure a correct arrival, we plan to transport the car dealership on small trailers to avoid possible delays by other vehicles. Sure, the number 1 truck can take cars to and from dealerships, but we can also take care of moving classic cars from your friend’s garage to your house.



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