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    Below, you can find a brief, useful guide on different types of covered auto transportation, as well as top-20 companies that provide the best covered car transportation services in the United States. If you are looking for a few other excellent covered auto transportation services operating across all 50 states, we recommend checking out this Top 25 Enclosed Auto Transport Companies. Let us look at some of the best car shipping companies who are capable of offering both open and enclosed transport depending on customer needs (companies are listed in no particular order).

    Both enclosed and open carriers are generally used by top car transport companies, and we ranked the best car transportation brokers nationwide by costs, services, and customer experiences. We reviewed some of the best-rated car transportation companies in terms of enclosed versus open auto transport, and we have graded them on their overall cost, quality, and customer experience. If you are trying to decide between enclosed vs. open car transport, weigh the cost to transport your car against the higher cost for enclosed transportation.

    As mentioned above, you will pay about 50% more for enclosed vs. open transportation. The shipping method (open vs enclosed) will heavily influence your final pricing when it comes to moving your vehicle. While enclosed shipping can be a better choice for high-value cars, it can be fairly expensive and typically takes longer than open shipment.

    Some companies do offer white-glove transportation options for enclosed shipping. Unless you are sending a restored classic or an expensive, rare vehicle, open transportation is generally your best bet. With open transport, your vehicle is typically shipped in a long, double-decker trailer.

    While open, multi-level multi-car trailers typically carry up to nine cars, enclosed trailers carry seven. Seven to 10 vehicles can fit on one double-wide trailer and ship in a single trip, saving money. While a closed-loop carrier might load anywhere from one to four vehicles to deliver, an open-loop carrier might carry as many as nine or 10 vehicles at once.

    Many companies using an all-enclosed trailer, also called an enclosed vehicle carrier, for transportation only move one vehicle at a time. Single-vehicle enclosed trailers are typically used for the transportation of only a single car, and are better suited to the transportation of sports cars or luxury vehicles. Enclosed vehicle transportation, or enclosed car shipping, is the method used for vehicles requiring protection within the enclosed trailer.

    Enclosed car transportation carriers typically charge twice as much as open carriers, which is why enclosed auto transportation is not as popular with consumers, unless they have upscale cars that require extra security. While we are capable of accommodating open carriers for some older models, should this be requested from the owner, when a car is worth >$70,000, like the majority of our exotic car hauls, only White Gloves-level Enclosed Car Shipping is going to cut it for you. Open-air trailers generally use less fuel than enclosed trailers, so fuel costs for enclosed car shipping will drive up the price of your auto shipment further.

    The open-air vehicle transportation method is also faster, since open-air vehicle trailers are more common than enclosed vehicle carriers, requiring less stops while being transported. Because open car carriers are much more prevalent than enclosed carriers, consumers are able to have their vehicles shipped faster. Those who own high-end, luxury vehicles, exotic cars, classic hotrods, and vintage cars generally favor enclosed carriers versus alternate delivery methods.

    While open carriers are extremely safe and reliable (provided that they are operated by a licensed, trained, and experienced operator), you might prefer enclosed car transportation for your classic, exotic, vintage racing, or high-end sports cars. The main benefit to using enclosed car transportation versus other options, like open-carrier transport, is that it provides a higher degree of safety and additional protection. For extra protection, you can also choose a one-car transportation, where your sports car will be sat in its own carrier, without any possibility to get scraped by other vehicles during the loading and unloading process.

    Sports cars require specific attention before, during, and after transportation, and Cargo Carriers has you covered with options that are just right. That is why it is absolutely critical that the auto transportation company you are working with is reliable and has the necessary expertise in handling sports vehicle transportation. When the time comes for vehicle shipping, many customers place their possessions in the hands of horseless carriage carriers.

    Enclosed Auto Transport is the best way to make sure that your exotic or classic vehicle arrives on the other end looking just like when you left. With an added layer of protection and safety only provided by enclosed auto transportation, you can be assured the car arrives safe and intact. Enclosed car transportation carriers offer excellent protection against elements, liquid spills from other vehicles, street debris, trees down, and even theft, for higher-end vehicles.

    Although enclosed carriers provide a relatively higher price tag compared with open carriers, if avoiding adverse consequences caused by bad weather conditions is a goal, then enclosed vehicle transportation is a worthy choice. While it is definitely possible to opt for open-air transport, which is the most convenient and popular way of shipping your vehicle, open-air transportation is never recommended for sports cars or any vehicles with particularly high values. Open-air transportation is appropriate for any kind of car, and it is a better option if you are looking to send a stock model or used vehicle. Enclosed transportation is usually the preferred transportation method for owners looking to move a new vehicle, an antique, collectible, or an expensive car.

    All motor vehicles are covered when they are transported by a motor carrier, but when you have a very expensive vehicle that needs to be shipped, and use enclosed transportation services, your insurance amount might be higher than it would if you were using open transportation. The enclosed transportation drivers that Intercity Lines Inc works with are some of the best in the business, and they have decades of experience moving various types of vehicles, from some very rare antique cars, to exotic performance cars.



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